armenian crisis

Social inequality sweeps across Armenia

The doleful social and economic situation that has been existing in Armenia for many years resulted in even more problems in the poor South Caucasus country. Tens of thousands of people continue to leave abroad every year, since they see no future in Armenia.
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"Reject Serzh" movement evolving in Armenia

Many Armenian experts note that presently, the incumbent president of the country Serzh Sargsyan faces a difficult task – he wants to retain power as the new prime minister of the country, get approval from the international community, and at the same time, he wishes to preserve the corruption system within the Armenian authorities.
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UN calls Armenia one of most unhappy countries

Constant social and economical problems that Armenia has been unsuccessfully going through for several decades cannot but leave unpleasant impressions in the mind of the population. Therefore, it is no surprise that Armenia ranked only 129th among 156 countries in the ranking of states in terms of national happiness, having lost eight positions compared to 2017.
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