Sochi summit: Wheels are in motion

The Sochi meeting was another critical diplomatic round in the post-war negotiations; it laid down the provisional foundations of the future delimitation and demarcation of the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border and reiterated the centrality of the format of the negotiations, the origins of which go back to the 10 November ceasefire deal.
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Global Baku Forum: Glorious enchantment

Azerbaijan is yet again the cynosure of all eyes across the globe. At this very time, the nation’s capital is hosting the VIII Global Baku Forum in which international issues are being deliberated on by former heads of state and governments, prominent policymakers and pundits and many other distinguished personages.
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Azerbaijan: Player punching above its weight

In a modern world, a nation’s international clout and global reach are no longer exclusively determined by its territorial size or population, but by an array of complex circumstances, ranging from the advantages emanating from its geographic location to its representation in different international organisations and its ability to shape and influence the agenda of world affairs.
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