Will golden year of gas turn into golden century?

Last year made a hint to the world that gas could soon become a global commodity, just like oil. Some believe that the energy market is in the period of transition now. Trade in LNG became easier and cheaper, large infrastructure projects and pipelines do not scare investors so much since there is a strong belief that the projects’ payback will be high as demand grows.
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New era of Caspian cooperation

The long-awaited cooperation on the Caspian Sea in the energy sector, which became the main topic for discussion between Azerbaijan and Iran, takes on a clearer outline as the Caspian states are expected to adopt the convention on the legal status of the sea this year.
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Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: New Year brings new hopes

Alas, separatism was top on political agenda of 2017, keeping tension high in several points of the Earth. The developments in Spanish Catalonia and Iraqi Kurdistan represented a serious headache for the international community in 2017. That anew reminded many leaders about the protracted conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh in the South Caucasus, left out of attention for over two decades.
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