Armenian Aggression

Armenians protest against the Church

The Armenian Apostolic Church (AAC), which has long earned a reputation in the country as a fraudulent organization, is going through bad times. The reason is that Armenia’s population, which started protests two months ago in order to change the grave situation in the country, now protests against the leadership of the Church.
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Armenia breaks ceasefire with Azerbaijan 82 times

Armenian armed forces, located in Voskevan village of Noyemberyan region, on nameless hills in Ijevan region, in Chinari village of Berd region, and on nameless hills in Krasnoselsk region subjected to fire the positions of the Azerbaijan Army located in Gushchu Ayrim village and on nameless hills in Gazakh region, in Munjuglu village of Tovuz region, and on nameless hills in Gadabay region.
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