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Anti-Russian sentiments pervade in Armenia, says media

20 February 2024 16:56 (UTC+04:00)
Anti-Russian sentiments pervade in Armenia, says media
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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After the visit of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to Germany, where the Munich Security Conference was held, anti-Russian sentiments will develop in the country with a new impetus, the Armenian newspaper "Hraparak" writes, Azernews reports.

The publication claims that an attempt will also be made to finally break the Armenian-Russian relations that are hanging by a thread and eventually push Russia out of Armenia forever. That is why Pashinyan said during a meeting with representatives of the Armenian community in Munich that Armenia is not an ally of Russia on the issue of Ukraine.

In fact, Armenia, which was originally founded by Russia, has considered Russia its patron throughout history. Armenia, which had the most privileges during the Soviet Union, was able to penetrate Garabagh through the former regime. However, Azerbaijan's determination in the Patriotic War completely destroyed this stereotype. While Yerevan was waiting for help from Moscow, on the contrary, the cooperation agreement between official Baku and the Kremlin changed all the formulas in the region.

When Armenia understood the essence of the issue, the authorities decided to part ways. By turning to the West, Yerevan began to completely isolate itself from Russia and even form an anti-Russian policy internally. But all this has more image importance than the real result. Because, no matter how much official Yerevan tries to widen the distance with Russia, there are indelible rules in the document.

Armenia's actual land and air borders are currently under Russian control. On the other hand, Russia's military base No. 102 in Gyumri will remain on the territory of Armenia until 2044. Although Armenia does not want it, the laws on the document take precedence over its will.


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