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MFA: EP-adopted resolution serves double-standards approach against Azerbaijan

14 March 2024 11:36 (UTC+04:00)
MFA: EP-adopted resolution serves double-standards approach against Azerbaijan

The resolution adopted by the European Parliament on March 13, 2024, on "Closer ties between the EU and Armenia and the need for a peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia" is not only unfounded and biased, but it also serves as a clear example of a recurrent double-standards approach against Azerbaijan, Azernews reports, citing the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Aykhan Hajizada, as he said in a commentary on the resolution of the European Parliament of March 13, 2024.

This resolution, sponsored by a number of groups in the European Parliament that are influenced by Armenia and the Armenian Lobby, is an integral part of the smear campaign against Azerbaijan, in which every fact is falsified, despite being presented as "promoting peace" and purportedly dedicated to the European Union-Armenia relationship.

The resolution contains ludicrous and offensive statements that go beyond political ethics, contradicting the essence of international relations, as well as statements that are in clear violation of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and sovereignty, revealing the true nature of the MEPs who proposed the resolution.

The European Parliament may prove a more useful institution if it addresses more serious issues plaguing Europe, such as racial discrimination, Islamophobia, xenophobia, extremism, and inhumane treatment of migrants, instead of interfering with the normalisation process between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

We remind MEPs that such resolutions, which have nothing to do with the European Parliament's declared values, completely invalidate its role as an institution.


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