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Pro-Armenian media tycoons simulate West’s Anti-Islam propaganda amidst Moscow attack

28 March 2024 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Pro-Armenian media tycoons simulate West’s Anti-Islam propaganda amidst Moscow attack
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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At a time when Europe's anti-Azerbaijani propaganda machine is experiencing a period of fiasco, their secret and open accomplices, who are always at their service, are looking for opportunities to act in different countries. Those forces are nourished by the financial support of both the Armenian diaspora and some shadow organizations of the West and carry out their aggressive policies in different ways.

Last week's terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert venue in Moscow gave such forces an incentive to launch their propaganda machine.

The Armenian lobby in Russia and the network financed by Armenian oligarchs seemed to have an opportunity to turn the terrorist act into an anti-Azerbaijani and generally anti-Islamic campaign.

Let's talk more about it…

Usually, terrorist and anti-Islamic ideas are first promulgated through specially funded media networks, and then it is transferred to the political agenda. The fact of boycotting Azerbaijanism and Islamic traditions is not only related to the events happening today. Such facts have long been one of the main goals of Western countries. For example, France, in addition to being the country that carries out the most intense propaganda against Islam, also captures more attention in daily headlines with its radical policy against Azerbaijan.

Since 2023, the wrath of the West, Europe, and especially France, whose plans in the South Caucasus have been disrupted, has doubled and intensified anti-Azerbaijani activities through various networks. One of the main reasons for this is their inability to influence the political will of Azerbaijan, and as a result, they use the name of Armenia to accuse and put pressure on Azerbaijan in the international arena for inappropriate reasons. But how does Azerbaijan react to this?

This point is very interesting, because in the truest sense of the word, Azerbaijan's unwavering stand against the biased positions of the European Union and some Western forces, especially President Ilham Aliyev's ability to overcome the pressures against Azerbaijan with his pragmatic political approach, irritates them even further.

For example, one of the successful policies of Azerbaijan today is that it conducts a comprehensive policy in the world, and is able to implement a policy of mutual relations with both some Western countries and Russia, which has become an enemy phenomenon today. The deepening rifts between Armenia and Russia, which has completely devoted itself to the West, revealed that the Yerevan administration's political course is weak and that the West intends to use the South Caucasus states as a tool. Now Pashinyan's administration, which is dependent on only one side – the West, is experiencing its most critical period in terms of its relations with the official Kremlin.

As regards the mutual relations between Azerbaijan and Russia, this does not please the West at all. Unable to find any way out, the West and the Armenian diaspora again tried to attract the attention of the public through the media by programming the terrorist incident in Russia as a slander campaign aimed at Azerbaijan.

It is no coincidence that Vladimir Solovyov, an active member of the network, exaggerates that the place where the terrorist act took place "belongs to ethnic Azerbaijanis". Such tragedies can happen anywhere, but Solovyov is illogically looking for a connection between Azerbaijanis and terrorism.

Solovyov's television shows during the period of Armenian occupation of Azerbaijan’s Garabagh and the Second Garabagh War are well-recognized. Conducting political discussions with the so-called leaders of the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh, Solovyov tried to express his anti-Azerbaijani position as much as possible. The duos of Solovyov and Margarita Simonyan were almost ‘the stars’ of television programs with their pro-Armenian activities in the press.

Nevertheless, it did not take long and Azerbaijan’s Patriotic War suddenly extinguished their star on the half way through.

At the moment, V. Solovyov's execution of the orders of the Armenian lobby, media oligarchs such as Margarita Simonyan, Aram Gabrelyanov, Araksya Karapetyan, sabotage Russia's information policy in a networked manner and try to spoil relations with states are noteworthy in this regard. Aram Gabrelyanov, a media tycoon in Russia, is known for a long time as a person who carried out the propaganda of the separatist regime and had a scandal with Pashinyan's government. For this reason, the Armenian media magnate was declared a persona non grata by Yerevan.

However, it seems that such propagandists, who continue to operate in Russia, are unable to speak based on facts.

Although the Russian leadership issued a statement after the terrorist act and stated that "a terrorist does not have a religion or a nationality", such media dealers who are looking for only meaningless trivia are trying to target both the Islamic religion and Azerbaijan.

However, lies have short legs. Solovyov's accusations against Azerbaijan and anti-Islamic propaganda were unsuccessful. Because the world is well aware that, unlike countries like France and the United States, Russia has never had Islamophobia. And people like Solovyov engage in open information diversion in the country where tens of millions of Muslims live. He and those who support him expose themselves with their primitive prisms just for the sake of creating agitation and try to defame the name of the entire Muslim world.

However, it is no secret that, unlike Muslim citizens, Armenians have always betrayed the state and the people during Russia's difficult times. Today, the network's attempt to stir up ethnic and religious issues that are not unique to Russia is a continuation of treason. They are trying to spoil Russia's relations with Islamic countries by using this method of propaganda. This means risking the diplomatic reputation of Russia that is facing the West on many fronts.

Armenia is already trying to part ways with Russia by leaning towards the West. As part of its treason, Armenia, which once took refuge in Russia as its patron, is selling Russia to the interests of the West, and in this regard, it wants to confront the official Moscow with the states by launching its propaganda machine. However, even if they initiate it, all attempts remain fruitless.


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