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How West is suffering from a hypocritical partner like Armenia?

11 June 2023 18:30 (UTC+04:00)
How West is suffering from a hypocritical partner like Armenia?
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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If there is a state or nation in the world that has lost its way and is heading in a direction with no future, it is Armenia and its wretched Armenian people. Of course, the leaders at the head of such a state also play an important role in shaping its image. For example, this type of leader should be chosen to be as hypocritical, and flattering as possible. Let's take Nikol Pashinyan; he is the one, who double-crosses the West, by playing with Moscow in the background, and exhibits his true Armenian character. We should not be disappointed or surprised at all - on the contrary, we are watching a rather entertaining scene. So, let's take a closer look at Nikol...

Everyone remembers Pashinyan's statements about Azerbaijan during his previous visits and his acknowledgments about Azerbaijan's territorial integrity very well. But Pashinyan forgets them for some reason or suffers from amnesia. His mechanism of sharp change between the West and Russia seems to completely remove Pashinyan from himself.
On the one hand, Pashinyan pretends to be pro-Western and democrat, and on the other hand, he visits Russia and tries to show himself as a sweet boy in front of the Kremlin leadership. If a normal person has one face, Pashinyan has more. Although he calls itself an ally of the West, but he is not. His friendship is only until he gets what he wants. Pashinyan participates in the parade held in the Kremlin Square on May 9. There, he allegedly tries to show his loyalty to Russia and shares his heartfelt words staring at the parade in red square. After that, he attends the European summit in Chisinau, where he flirts and smiles in front of the West. We are talking about Pashinyan's rapid skin change experience.

But all that has been said is not to glorify Pashinyan. Of course, such an approach appears to be an act of promoting the Armenian Prime Minister. This is an Armenian tradition and Pashinyan is a follower of this tradition. Adhering to this tradition, Armenia has been utmost hypocritical in front of both the West and Russia for 30 years and has managed to change the processes in its favour. Even during the period of occupation, while the OSCE Minsk Group recognized the territories of Azerbaijan, instead of taking measures against Armenia, they bypassed Yerevan and turned a blind eye to all the injustices. However, after the Azerbaijani Patriotic War, the processes began to change immediately when all silent forces heard the last word of the Independent Azerbaijan. It turned out that not only Armenia is hypocritical and unreliable in this game, but also its allies who closely supported them until Armenian separatist groups were somewhat kicked out of Azerbaijan’s sovereign territories.

Armenia, which is rapidly losing its value against the background of changing processes, is now appearing to be an undesired partner, especially in the West. Because, although the West has turned a blind eye to this to a certain extent, it knows that Armenia is a true hypocrite - it does not reveal it just because it is in its own interest. For example, all of Europe and the USA know that Armenia is illegally selling goods to Russia, ignoring Western sanctions. In this regard, the fact that about 20 Armenian companies are subject to US sanctions is a part of this process.

However, Azerbaijan has always been and remains honest and consistent in its words and actions. It has never helped Russia bypass Western sanctions. It often and openly helped Ukraine, both through political statements and by sending humanitarian aid. Its next volume has already been delivered to Ukraine today. This is all that is needed to eliminate the consequences of the flood caused by explosions at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station. These are the realities that the West sees. But they do not want to move from words to deeds, punishing Armenia for its numerous tricks. And this behaviour of the West deprived it of the moral right to any words of criticism against our country.


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