Scott Fenwick

Nutrition in a pill?

The Dietary Guidelines make it clear that your nutritional needs should be met primarily through your diet. For some people, however, supplements may be a useful way to get nutrients they might otherwise be lacking. But, before you go shopping for herbal life or any money grabbing product, get the facts on what they will and won't do for you.
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Focus on quality not quantity

We live in a "more is better" and a "can't get too much of a good thing" world. Although those sayings may hold true for wealth, good health and happiness, it doesn't necessarily work when it comes to weight training and exercise. A more appropriate motto for fitness enthusiasts should be to "focus on quality, not quantity."
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Avoid weight gain whilst training

A beautiful beach destination is not just good for photo options; it can also be a great setting to scorch some calories. “Jogging on the beach works your muscles harder than jogging in the city,” says Brendan J. Fox, a Toronto Health and Fitness Expert.
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