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Uzbekistan toughens penalties for use of tobacco products, alcohol in public

6 January 2016 16:18 (UTC+04:00)
Uzbekistan toughens penalties for use of tobacco products, alcohol in public

By Laman Sadigova

Uzbekistan will toughen the penalties for the use of tobacco products and alcohol in public places starting from January 2016.

Relevant amendments to the Code of Administrative Responsibility were adopted by the Legislative (lower) Chamber of the Uzbek Parliament in November 2015, and approved by the Senate in early December. On the eve of the New Year they were approved by the president.

Under the amendments to the Code of Administrative Responsibility, consumption of tobacco products in work places, healthcare, education, sport-rehabilitation facilities, places with fire risks, including gasoline stations and other public places punished with a fine at the size of 1/3 sizes of minimal salary.

The smoking is allowed at specially allocated places and rooms at the public places. Currently, MCI in Uzbekistan is 130.240 sums.

In Uzbekistan, smoking in public places has been banned since April 2012, but the implementation of the ban is not controlled because of the lack of statutory sanctions.

The government also increased fines for consumption of alcohol products in public places. The size of changed fine is now equal to 1/2 sizes of minimal salary. In case if the violation is repeated within one year, the fine will make up from 1/2 to 2 sizes of minimal salary or administrative arrest up to 15 days.

Consumption of alcohol products is allowed at wedding, jubilee and other solemn ceremonies, trade and catering points, which have permission to sell alcohol products.


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