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South Korea's parliament passed law banning dog eating

9 January 2024 21:44 (UTC+04:00)
South Korea's parliament passed law banning dog eating

In South Korea, the parliament has passed a law banning the eating of dogs. The law will come into effect from 2027, Azernews reports.

In November 2023, the head of the ruling party announced the adoption of a law banning the eating of dog meat, explaining that it is time to put an end to social conflicts and disagreements on this issue.

As the agency notes, in recent years, the practice of eating dogs has drawn criticism from both the international community and the younger generation of South Koreans.

However, those Koreans who can't see their lives without dog meat can take a trip to Norway, where there is a farm called Elvåg Gård. Their website says that they have been offering organic dog meat since as early as 1981.

As their website says, the purpose of this site is to get the people of Norway to think about another dimension where "man's best friend" is seen as a product.

The cost of 1kg of Labrador meat is 340 Norwegian kroner (about 3,000 roubles). Cheaper will be 1 kg of meat from a pug (170 kroner), a Chihuahua (from 190 to 225 kroner), and a dachshund (175 kroner).

The website also has a section for vegetarians, where golden retriever milk is offered.


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