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5-year roadmap: transforming Turkiye into a new century

1 June 2023 15:30 (UTC+04:00)
5-year roadmap: transforming Turkiye into a new century

By Resul Ekrem Shahan and Ugur Duyan

The second cabinet, in which President Tayyip Erdogan will create his new system, will have a five-year action calendar centered on the official Century of Turkiye. Urban transformation is among the main issues. Some of the projects and programs took over, based on the transformation of the second century of the Turkish Republic into the Century of Turkiye, are as follows:

* Tunnel mold promise: Buildings will be built on the most solid grounds with soil improvement, insulator and steel construction, new technology, raft foundation, and tunnel formwork system.

* Cities suitable for the disaster region: Economic infrastructures that integrate with satellite cities of a certain scale created within the scope of permanent shelter studies will be developed.

* New disaster risk law: The legislation on disasters will be reviewed and the Sustainable Disaster Risk Management Law will be put into effect. Considering the worst-case scenario, it will rapidly increase the number and quality of search and rescue teams to the level needed.

* City housing finance model: With the 'Resilient City Housing Financing Model' in urban transformation, financial support will be provided to those who want to transform their houses, with maturities of up to 15 years, on affordable payment terms.

* Earthquake resistant cities: Clean, healthy, and sustainable cities with high earthquake resistance will be built. Works and transactions contrary to this purpose will be penalized.

* Transformation will begin from Istanbul: It will accelerate urban transformation efforts by making necessary institutional and legal arrangements to make Istanbul stronger in the face of a possible earthquake.

Liberal constitution will be drafted

* New constitution: The new constitution, born entirely of national will, with broad participation, pluralist, liberal, and which will be prepared entirely by the representatives of the nation, will be brought into the Century of Turkiye.

* A new era in freedom of expression: Taking into account the changing social needs and conditions, the legislation restricting freedom of expression will be reviewed and deficiencies arising from implementation will be eliminated.

* End in the public interview: In appointments to be made to public office for the first time, the interview procedure will be abolished, except when the nature of the duty requires, and the appointments will be made according to the results of the written exam.

* Pension for housewives: Within the scope of the Family Protection Shield Program; Support will be provided for the retirement of housewives. It will be ensured that there is at least one employee in each family, especially young people. New marriages will be encouraged.

* Partial SSI for home care: Those who take care of the disabled and the elderly who need home care regularly and Home Care Assistance for this will be included in the scope of social security on a part-time basis.

* Career opportunity for 10 thousand young people: Our 10,000 young people living abroad will be brought to Turkiye every year as part of education, career development, and cultural programs.

* Vision of fighting terrorist: By adding the fight against terrorism, it is aimed to realize an important mental transformation in this field.


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