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Turkey sets $225 billion record in export in 2021

6 January 2022 18:10 (UTC+04:00)
Turkey sets $225 billion record in export in 2021

By Economy Center

Turkey set a new record with $225 billion in export in 2021, Yeni Shafak newspaper has reported.

Thanks to the interest in Turkish products, which reached 229 countries in the period of pandemic restrictions, freight crisis and increased savings in the world, a significant rise was recorded in exports to many regions, the report added.

The country increased its exports by 32.9 percent compared to 2020 and reached $225.4 billion in 2021.

In 2020, Turkey succeeded in increasing its exports to 184 countries. Annual export records were broken in 112 countries, including Germany, the U.S, England, Italy and Spain.

Contrary to those who try to shadow Turkey's export success with the exchange rate increase and write disaster scenarios, Turkey's foreign trade draws attention with its performance. The top three exporting countries were Germany with $19.33 billion, the U.S. with $14.73 billion and England with $13.71 billion.

The rise in export to these countries, which have strict customs rules and regulations, is also considered a great success in Turkey's export policy. Similarly, the average export unit value, which was 1.10 in 2020 reached 1.29 (17 percent growth) in 2021 that was interpreted as a qualified export increase.

Furthermore, Turkey increased its exports to the countries such as the U.S. ($4.54 billion), Italy ($ 3.40 billion) and Germany ($ 3.35 billion) the most in 2021.

On the other hand, Turkey's long-standing "win-win" policy with Africa has yielded its fruits. Exports to Sub-Saharan Africa increased by 31 percent to $7.8 billion, while exports to North Africa increased by 44 percent to $13.3 billion.

Exports to South America reached $3.6 billion with a significant increase of 86 percent. Similarly, a 34 percent increase in distant regions such as the Far East and Central Asia attracted attention. On the other hand, the volume of export to the Middle East region grew by 38 percent.

It should be noted that the success was achieved during the period when global trade was disrupted especially due to the transportation crisis. The government aims to increase the volume of the export to $250 billion in 2023.


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