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MP: Urging West to impose sanctions against Azerbaijan is inhuman

2 November 2019 14:01 (UTC+04:00)
MP: Urging West to impose sanctions against Azerbaijan is inhuman

By Trend

The fact that the Head of the so-called Azerbaijan’s National Council Jamil Hasanli, having gone to the US, suggested there to impose sanctions against Azerbaijan is inhuman, Azerbaijani MP Aydin Mirzazade told Trend.

The MP said that telling lies about Azerbaijan, slandering against the country, depicting Azerbaijan in dark colors are caused by lack of patriotism.

“If sanctions are applied against Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani citizens will suffer from this,” Mirzazade noted. “Maybe Jamil Hasanli will be promised that in this case he and his supporters won’t have any problems. In general, urging to create difficulties for people for the sake of coming to power is inhuman," said the MP.

“In any case, regardless of whether a person is represented in power or in the opposition, everyone should try to ensure that his or her country develop, people live better, in conditions of security,” the Azerbaijani MP added. “The opposition slander the state, demand sanctions against the country. I think they completely lost their sense of responsibility.”

Mirzazade noted that the desires of the radical opposition coincide with the desires of pro-Armenian circles.

“We were right saying that they act by the instructions of anti-Azerbaijani circles abroad, the function of the 5th column in Azerbaijan, they demonstrate hostility towards Azerbaijan,” the MP said. “By proposing to impose sanctions against Azerbaijan in the US, Jamil Hasanli once again proved this.”


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