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Discover traces of Caucasian Albania in Kalbajar [PHOTO]

5 April 2022 15:27 (UTC+04:00)
Discover traces of Caucasian Albania in Kalbajar [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismayilova

The Ganjasar Monastery Complex is considered one of the most outstanding sites of Caucasian Albania in Karabakh.

The main buildings of the monastery complex were built in the 13th century. The monastery is located on the hill of the Khachinchay river which used to be a pagan temple in the pre-Christian era.

Between the 13th-19th centuries, the Ganjasar Monastery Complex was known as the religious and cultural center of Caucasian Albania.

The monastery complex in Kalbajar's Vangli village consists of a church, private entrance hall and supporting buildings.

There are two prolonged rooms with a semicircular apse between them in the corner of the building.

The Ganjasar Monastery Complex attracts attention with the perfection of forms and proportions, classical restraint and conciseness of decor.

In 1216-1238, Albanian King Hasan Jalal built a church next to the monastery's southern gate.

During the Elkhanids' reign, the historical sight was also considered the masterpiece of Azerbaijan's Turkic-Christian architecture.

In 1993, Azerbaijan's Kalbajar region was occupied by Armenia. Falsifying the history, Armenia scientists presented the Ganjasar Monastery Complex as their religious monument.

Kablajar region was liberated from Armenian occupation by Azerbaijan's armed forces during the Second Karabakh War in 2020.


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Discover traces of Caucasian Albania in Kalbajar [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
Discover traces of Caucasian Albania in Kalbajar [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
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