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National artist who stuns with his travel-inspired canvases [PHOTO]

27 July 2020 14:01 (UTC+04:00)
National artist who stuns with his travel-inspired canvases [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismayilova

Throughout his life, Nadir Abdurrahmanov created masterpieces that resonate with many people. In his art, the Honored Artist of Azerbaijan brilliantly expressed Azerbaijani nature in all its beauty.

Since childhood, Nadir Abdurrahmanov had traveled to the mountainous regions near Lachin with his father.

The artist spent many years admiring the country's most beautiful parts and observing people living there.

The scenes of this peaceful life in the bosom of nature inspired Abdurrahmanov to create series of magnificent canvases.

The artist's paintings expressed the hard work of local people, grace and beauty of women.

His fascinating canvases have entered Azerbaijan art history as valuable works of art.

Nadir Abdurrahmanov painted large-format subject-themed paintings at an early stage of his work: "The View of Baku" (1954), "Industrial Landscape" (1954), "In the Highlands" (1957).

His other popular art works included such paintings as "The Arrest of 26 Baku Commissars", "Lenin's Word" (1953), "Mournful News" (1958) , "Industrial Landscape" (1954), "In the Highlands" (1957), "Morning in the Mountains" (1957).

Nadir Abdurrahmanov also went on trips to France, Italy, Norway, Bulgaria, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries.

His paintings "New Korea" (1959), "Burgas Port" (1961), "Mountains. Yugoslavia" (1964), "Venice. Bridge" (1966), "Bergen. Norway" (1966), "Baghdad" (1972), "Street in Mosul" (1972), "Afghanistan" (1971), "Afghans" (1972) inspired by his trips were successfully demonstrated at various exhibitions.

A large role in the artist’s work was played by a trip to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in 1958.

During his trip, the artist was impressed by the country's stunningly beautiful views, lifestyle of local people which, in turn, inspired him to dedicate a series of his art works to the Land of the Morning Calm.

The best paintings and sketches from this series, including such paintings as "Fishermen", "Morning on the bridge", "On the crossing", "New Korea", "In the agricultural cartel", "In Keson", "East Sea" were showcased at his personal exhibitions in Baku and Moscow.

In the early 60s, Nadir Abdurrahmanov made a trip to Lankaran and began work on the painting "Planting Rice".

The search for the courageously harsh, monumental language in painting was reflected in such paintings as "Constructions of the seven-year plan", "Builders of Ali-Bayramli State District Power Station" and others.

"Twilight in the Mountains", "Talysh Girl" (1970), "Spring in the Mountains"(1970), " Firuza's world", "People of our Mountains", "Talysh"(1967), "Lachin", "Lerik. Spring" (1964), "Lake in the Mountains", "Shusha", etc. are among his other famous art works.

His series of paintings dedicated to Iraq and Afghanistan inspired by his trip opened a new page in the artist's art life.

Characterized by deep emotional and aesthetic expressiveness, the painting "Twilight" is considered one of the best work in this series.

The harmony of lines and colors is expressed in such works as "Orange Grove", "Mosul", "Street in Baghdad", "Sunny Day", "Girl with Donkeys", "Ghazni", "Street in Kabul", "Students from Kabul", "Afghans", "Seller of pottery", "Portrait of the Artist Farad", etc.

Nadir Abdurrahmanov also actively participated in the country's public life.

He was elected a Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan, held the post of Chairman of the Union of Artists. The artist headed the creative laboratory at the Academy of Fine Arts.

For ten years, Abdurrahmanov headed the Union of Azerbaijani Artists and raised a generation of talented artists.

In the same years he was elected as a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic from the Lachin region.

Between 1960 and 1964, he was awarded with the titles of Honored Art Worker of the Azerbaijan SSR and People's Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR.

His 90th Anniversary Exhibition was successfully held in Baku in 2015.

Most of his masterpieces are now on display at Azerbaijan National Art Museum as well as other museums and galleries.


Laman Ismayilova is AzerNews’ staff journalist, follow her on Twitter: @Lam_Ismayilova

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National artist who stuns with his travel-inspired canvases [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
National artist who stuns with his travel-inspired canvases [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
National artist who stuns with his travel-inspired canvases [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
National artist who stuns with his travel-inspired canvases [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
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