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Azerbaijan Defense industry to boost output

18 September 2014 11:30 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan Defense industry to boost output

By Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan's Defense Industry Ministry has a great potential. Alov plant is fully prepared to provide armed forces of Azerbaijan with optical devices and systems.

General Director of the Alov Mechanical-Optical Production Union Kamal Asgarov said on September 16 that some important work has been carried out in this regard.

"The plant currently produces 14 types of defense products including day optical sights, night vision sights, and thermal sights," he added.

"The plant also produces sights for three kinds of small arms," he said.

Asgarov went on to note that the plant currently produces two types of optical sights for sniper rifles.

"These are optical sights for shooting at close and long range. The rifle Istiglal that is used by the Azerbaijan's Armed Forces is provided with the same optical sights. These sights allow to fire on targets at a distance of 2,000-2,400 meters," Asgarov said.

He added that the plant produces three types of collimator sights, which are installed on small arms, designed for close combat. However, they are mainly used by special services.

The plant also produces day-night optical sights for grenade launchers.

"The gun sights produced at the plant are installed on 120, 82, 60, and 40 mm mortars. They are accepted for service of Azerbaijani Armed Forces, and varieties of weapons are equipped with them. These sights are used in a combat zone," he added.

The plant has customers overseas, Asgarov stressed.

"Enterprises of the Ministry produce and supply grenade in foreign countries," Asgarov noted, adding that grenade launchers are equipped with optical sights of the Alov plant.

The official explained that the plant has received some orders from the Turkish ASELSAN Company.

"The company is also working with Russia, Romania, Belarus, Iran, Israel and other countries," he said.

Asgarov noted Azerbaijan will produce thermal imagers to meet the demands of the country's armed forces.

The plant has already received several orders for producing thermal imagers.

The thermal imagers will be produced at the plant, with the assistance of ASELSAN.

"The production of thermal imagers will be organized as soon as possible. They are installed on small arms, including sniper rifles," he said.

"The work of the thermal imager is built on fixing the thermal radiation emanating from a man in the infrared region of the spectrum," he noted, saying that Azerbaijani armed forces are in need of such devices.

"The main customers of our sights are primarily the Defense Ministry, the Interior Troops, the State Border Service, the Special State Protection Service, the National Security Ministry and other government agencies," the general director said.

Joint work is also underway with the Turkish ASELSAN to create a production line of night vision sights with four-and six-fold increase in Azerbaijan.

The plant and Turkish ASELSAN signed an agreement on production of new products during the ADEX-2014 exhibition, which was held in Baku on September 11-13. The document includes launching joint ventures for production of defense products in the country.

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