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Google Chrome's share in Azerbaijan's browser market grows

8 June 2020 15:20 (UTC+04:00)
Google Chrome's share in Azerbaijan's browser market grows

The share of the Google Chrome internet browser in the Azerbaijani market in May 2020 increased by 1.21 percent compared to April 2020, local media reported, citing the Statcounter’s GlobalStats report.

Google Chrome remains the most popular browser in Azerbaijan with its share of 74.68 percent in the market.

The second place is held by the Safari browser, share of which decreased by 0.71 percent in the reporting month and amounted to 8.59 percent.

Meanwhile, the number of users of the Samsung Internet browser went down by 0.56 percent compared to April 2020 and made up 7.82 percent.

In May this year, a marginal rise in the Opera browser’s market share, which stood at 4.17 percent as of June 1, 2020, was also recorded.

As of late May, the Yandex browser’s share amounted to 1.57 percent, up by 0.14 percent from the preceding month.

The remaining part of the market was distributed among other internet browsers, namely Mozilla Firefox with 1.15 percent (increase by 0.01 percent from April), Edge Legacy with 0.41 percent, Internet Explorer with 0.3 percent, Android (0.25 percent), and others with 1.06 percent.

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