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US Congress' anti-Azerbaijani syndrome: Anna Eshoo refutes Pashinyan's confession

3 July 2024 19:38 (UTC+04:00)
US Congress' anti-Azerbaijani syndrome: Anna Eshoo refutes Pashinyan's confession
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The bias of the US Congress against Azerbaijan has become a disease syndrome. A group of pro-Armenian politicians and the organizations they manage, which every time carry out a slander campaign against Azerbaijan with biased statements, have resurfaced today.

So, an American politician serving as the U.S. representative from California's 16th congressional district Anna Eshoo demonstrated her Armenianism with the latest prepared statement.

A member of the US House of Representatives and an Armenian by origin, Anna Eshoo, co-authored by another pro-Armenian member of the chamber, Christopher Smith, put forward a biased resolution against Azerbaijan called "Condemning Azerbaijan for carrying out a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh". It should be noted that this project is one of a series of other slanderous projects proposed against Azerbaijan in the US Congress.

On the day Eshu and Smith put forward the draft resolution, a group of "human rights" organizations, including "Freedom House", "International Partnership For Human Rights, Democracy Development Foundation", "Protection of Rights Without Borders NGO", "Law Development and Protection Foundation", "Open Society Foundations", etc. popped out and published a summary of the report entitled "Why there are no Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh".

This shows that the "black network" is coordinated from the same centre as the bought members of the US House of Representatives. Also, considering that the heads of the organization are of Armenian origin, it is not worth talking about it at all.

An interesting question arises. How does it happen that in 30 years, Institutions like the US House of Representatives, Freedom House, and the Soros Foundation, have remained silent on the subject of rocket attacks and the death of peaceful people in the cities of Ganja and Barda, nearly 1 million Azerbaijanis, who were made refugees and internally displaced persons from their native places, Khojaly genocide, ethnic cleansing in Garadaghli, Agdaban, Bashlibel, Baganis-Ayr, Ballygaya, Tugh? Why do they accuse Azerbaijan of carrying out ethnic cleansing against Armenians without any basis, and threaten our country with the "International Criminal Court" instead of considering the above-given facts?

Don't they know that these slanderous draft resolutions are a heavy blow to the USA's reputation in Azerbaijan? Such behavior of theirs is an example of prejudice, hypocrisy, political order, and double standards, and such hypocrisy rightfully enrages the Azerbaijani public.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly shown all the evidence to the world about the Armenians who voluntarily migrated from Garabagh to Yerevan, and it reminds them again and again today. Armenian residents who settled in Garabagh in the fall of last year voluntarily left the territory, as they and the Prime Minister of Armenia have repeatedly stated.

There can be no question of ethnic cleansing here. Those who want to find the facts of ethnic cleansing and deportation may be interested in the fate of hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis deported from Western Azerbaijan. Even today, they cannot go to their native Goyce, Darelayaz, and Erivan - their homes.

The US Congress knows that it is impossible to divert Azerbaijan from its path with such slanderous pieces of paper. Azerbaijan fully restored its sovereignty and territorial integrity at the cost of blood and life, behaved with dignity in the war, and peaceful people were never the target of the Azerbaijani Army.

Strangely, the US House of Representatives has been silent for years regarding the destruction and looting carried out by Armenians in the liberated territories for 30 years. The problems of former refugees and displaced people, the contamination of the liberated territories with more than 1.5 million mines, and UXOs do not concern such institutions of the United States. We wonder why they keep silent about it, turn a blind eye, and moreover unfairly accuse Azerbaijan of a problem that never happened.

If it comes to real ethnic cleansing, then Azerbaijan has a say. Everyone and the world knows that Azerbaijanis in Western Azerbaijan and Garabagh were subjected to ethnic cleansing, but resolutions are not being prepared in this regard. On the contrary, those organizations and political circles always use double standards against Azerbaijan.

Claims about "ethnic cleansing" in Garabagh are lies and slander. The so-called "Arsakh's political forces and civil society's appeal to the world community" on December 23, 2023, can be shown as an example. The petition clearly stated that Armenians do not want to live under the Azerbaijani flag, and their "general decision" to leave Garabagh is related to this: "We rule out returning under Azerbaijani jurisdiction."

Even Pashinyan made a similar statement on September 21, Armenia's Independence Day, noting that during the anti-terrorist operation, the civilian population was not harmed. On October 2, 2023, he did not use the term "ethnic cleansing" when talking about the Armenians who moved from Garabagh at the government meeting.

This once again shows that the biased report presented in the US Congress is a political order and an internal propaganda tool before the US elections. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are preparing for the presidential elections to be held in the fall, and it is obvious that the votes of the Armenian lobby are important for both parties. It means that this factor also played a role in the preparation of the resolution.


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