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Macron's discredit hurts MPs from his political party in France

19 June 2024 18:23 (UTC+04:00)
Macron's discredit hurts MPs from his political party in France

By News Centre

Emmanuel Macron's discredit is going to have a negative influence on the MPs from his political party.

Thus, in the early parliamentary elections, most of the candidates from his party preferred not to put E. Macron's picture in the campaign leaflets.

Is Emmanuel Macron a stain on the French people?

At least, some candidates in his camp are sure of it and are asking him to exercise restraint on the campaign trail. In the report prepared by "Europe-1" radio on the Ponsele market in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, the French strongly criticized the head of state.

The trend of criticism is also confirmed in the Poncelet market in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. It is difficult to find supporters of the president in the aisles, streets, fruit and vegetable shops.

The French consider the decline in purchasing power to be the main black point of E. Macron. Representatives of the common people say that they used to believe in E. Macron, but the current situation shows that there is a real problem. They note that they will not vote for E. Macron and his party. Intelligent people emphasise that he talks a lot as if he is acting in a movie or theater scene.

The decline of Macron's reputation has caused internal anxiety in the party. The candidates chose not to put his picture on their leaflets. Unlike in 2022, the leaflets of Astrid-Panosyan-Buvet of Armenian origin from the presidential party do not have a picture of the head of state. Emmanuel Macron's photo was replaced by Edouard Philippe's photo on his leaflets.


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