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Baku's strong political will melts down pro-Armenian rhetorics

5 June 2024 20:37 (UTC+04:00)
Baku's strong political will melts down pro-Armenian rhetorics
Fatime Letifova
Fatime Letifova
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The South Caucasus has been one of the main centers of attention in terms of conflicts, wars, and invasions for many years. The reason for this is the geographical position and natural resources of the region. Many massacres were carried out in this region, especially against the Azerbaijani Turks who suffered the most over the past century.

Unfortunately, cruelty and injustice were not limited to this, moreover, the forces trying to justify an occupying state, Armenia tried to target Azerbaijan after its victory over Garabagh in 2020.

Until the meeting of the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Almaty last month, pro-Armenian politicians were still trying to implement insidious plans in the South Caucasus. Every day, defenders of Armenians popped up on the vastness of social networks, in particular X social platform with many biased posts and statements.

Some of them change based on geostrategic realities. For example, Michael Roth, the Chair of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee, was remembered for his biased statement about Azerbaijan during his visit to Yerevan last October. Forgetting his dignity the pro-Armenian politician defended the occupying state and unfairly called Azerbaijan an aggressor.

They spoke about the endless suffering of the Armenians and duplicated the main points of Armenian propaganda, including the mythical “ethnic cleansing”, which only Armenians and the politicians bought by them see throughout the world. Especially after the local anti-terror measures carried out by the Azerbaijani Army in 2023, the so-called "ethnic cleansing" issue became viral. But the Garabagh Armenians were given a choice. The fact that they decided to go to Armenia was only of their own volition. They also had a path to reintegration, which Azerbaijan offered. But over a million Azerbaijani refugees and IDPs who were expelled from their lands more than 30 years ago, did not have such a choice, no one gave it to them.

After Garabagh regained its freedom, restoration, construction, and reconstruction work started in the region. Thus, new schools, mosques, hospitals, several important facilities, and residential buildings, are being built.

The families are being relocated to Garabagh and provided with apartments in multi-apartment buildings. The Azerbaijani leadership has proven to be astonishingly adept at handling the intricacies of war and peace.

Nowadays the progress towards the peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia is in progress. It should not be forgotten that the conclusion of the peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia guarantees development in many areas.

First of all, if there is no war or conflict in the region, there is no need for the mediation of external forces. This means that Azerbaijan and Armenia will not only recognise each other's borders but will also start cooperating within the framework of the open door principle.

That is why, those who tried to implement nefarious plans and create more tension in the South Caucasus, changed their positions being more friendly towards Azerbaijan. The growing influence of Azerbaijan rebuffed the evil intentions of the pro-Armenian forces and forced them to understand the importance of getting closer to Azerbaijan. This time, Roth's position was also slightly different though the intention was the same.

Recall that Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, will host the 2024 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 29) for the first time in the region from November 11–22, 2024. The decision was made at the plenary session of COP28 on December 11. Azerbaijan successfully participated in the COP28 held in Abu Dhabi last year.

Azerbaijan will take the opportunity to bring heads of state and governments, civil society organisations, business, and international institutions together in the South Caucasus to discuss climate change, measures to accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement, and focus on long-term climate strategies and goals.

In addition, Azerbaijan's achievements in the field of energy and expanding cooperation attract the attention of foreign forces. France is also included in this list, and today it is left out of strategic relations with Azerbaijan due to its biased position regarding Armenia.

It is worth noting that Azerbaijan confirmed its commitment to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 35 percent by 2030 and increase this target by 40 percent by 2050. Fulfilling the commitments under the Paris Agreement adopted in 2015 and actively working in this regard are priority issues for the government of Azerbaijan.

Apart from being a supporter of ending conflicts, Azerbaijan is also very sensitive to global initiatives. Therefore, Baku considers the support of Germany, France and other countries important for the restoration of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the signing of the peace treaty soon.


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