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How Armenians suffer from wrong political forecasts over years?

13 May 2024 13:18 (UTC+04:00)
How Armenians suffer from wrong political forecasts over years?
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Arms and clubs are not important tools to create anarchy and panic in Armenia. In a country that does not have an information filter, everyone makes baseless predictions. The point is that everything started to happen at the last moment, that is, on the eve of the delimitation and demarcation of the borders of Armenia with Azerbaijan, followed by the signing of the peace agreement.

In the 1980s and 1990s, some infamous politicians who made the plan of "greater Armenia" thought that they would be able to easily absorb the territories of Azerbaijan by expanding into the leading positions in the Soviet empire. They could not even imagine that after the collapse of the Soviet regime, they would be extremely backward in the military and economic spheres.

The fact that the Armenian military units were able to occupy the territories of Azerbaijan in the First Garabagh War was precisely the positive influence of the remnants of the recently collapsed Soviet empire on Armenia. According to the conditions of that time, the Armenian army felt seriously at the forefront with those weapons. However, the rapidly changing and developing era did not allow Armenia to renew its arsenal or separate from obsolete soviet ideas.

Igor Muradyan, an Armenian political scientist who grew up in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, but who, like many well-known Armenians, was totally against Azerbaijan, can be considered one of the people who both brought the end of the empire and stuck to the old Soviet traditions.

As mentioned earlier, Muradyan, who was born in Odesa, Ukraine, and grew up in Baku, was neither able to speak his native Armenian nor Azerbaijan, where he grew up. Even though the Armenian journalist asked him questions in Armenian, he never answered questions and made speeches in his native language. Igor Muradyan was one of the earliest leaders of the Karabakh movement, along with Zori Balayan, Silva Kaputikyan, and Viktor Hambardzumyan.

Muradyan is also known as one of the personalities who broke the backbone of the USSR. In 1994, an article about him was published in the newspaper Rossiyskie Vesti, entitled "The Man Who Destroyed the USSR." The article is entirely dedicated to the Armenian political scientist.

His speeches mostly reflect the propaganda of separatism and revanchism. Muradyan believed that Russia was allegedly arming Azerbaijan against Armenia and that one day Russia would definitely become the dominant force in the region. However, although Muradyan was not lucky enough to see the Patriotic War in 2020, his wrong predictions were underlined.

It should be recalled that during the Second Garabagh War, the territories of Azerbaijan were fired with obsolete Russian weapons, cannons, and missiles. To this day, Armenian-made mines and unexploded rockets belonging to Russia are found in the affected areas. This once again clarifies the issue that Armenia was trying to fully own the territories it occupied in the Second Garabagh War with the weapons it bought from Russia.

In general, politicians like Muradyan in Armenia are unable to evaluate the current processes correctly, as they have never shown a tendency towards development. For example, the delimitation and demarcation between Armenia and Azerbaijan led to many wrong ideas in Armenia. They believe that defining the borders determines the end of Armenia. This, on the other hand, ensures that Armenia contributes to the security of the South Caucasus region along with its own future.


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