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Western do-gooders unlikely to be helpful for Armenians as Garabagh conflict is over

2 November 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Western do-gooders unlikely to be helpful for Armenians as Garabagh conflict is over
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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What task might a country face after losing the war and experiencing economic instability and social collapse? To completely dismiss the causes of these problems usually falls heavily on those in power, where the people, in their long oblivion, do not want to see the whole picture of what is happening. Reason-reaction-solutions, the great three “proposals” from the authorities in the implementation of their world order.

The losing junta and its vassals are trying in vain to continue to propagate “Azerbaijani hatred” towards the Armenians while having a hatred of the Turks imbued from childhood and imposed on them. Having strong, independent, clan-like “Crusaders” allies, Armenia uses a network of connections to benefit their masters of manipulation to spread false evidence in relation to Azerbaijan. At the same time, turning a blind eye, ear, and heart to the proposed peace and prosperity and the mutually beneficial position of contribution to the economic zone of Garabagh by Azerbaijan is not beneficial to the Armenian West.

According to Irish political analyst, historian, and professor Partick Walsh, anti-Turkish and anti-Azerbaijani propaganda in the West has a long history dating back to WWI in 1914 and was produced in huge quantities at that time.

“So it has taken root and the Armenian lobby is working on it. A Westerner naturally feels sympathy for the “poor Christian Armenians,” although he is unlikely to do anything for them, as Armenians learn from their own experience. I would not say that Azerbaijan is hated in the Western world. There is a general ignorance in the West regarding the conflict, and only a small number of active pro-Armenians are actually heard, distorting reality,” the expert said.

The awareness and self-education of the West and America is experiencing an unsatisfactory decline in percentage due to the consequences of the “Great Reset” that has begun. Consequently, disseminating the necessary information to control consciousness among the masses is carried out and implemented at a rapid pace.

Organizations and Western countries that claim to “care” about Armenia and the fate of Armenians continue anti-Azerbaijani propaganda, despite the fact that Prime Minister Pashinyan has declared his determination to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan and cooperate with its neighbors in the 3+3 format.

The American Lemkin Institute continues to provoke an anti-Azerbaijani wave in which they have raised the highest level of red alert for Azerbaijan as the institute sees the supposedly alarming possibility of Azerbaijan invading Armenia in the coming days and weeks, thereby spreading panic and disinformation.

According to the Irish expert, the Lemkin Institute and similar organizations are essentially an industry where they initially appeared to be agitating about the Jewish Holocaust, but have decided to expand their activities to cover more situations in which they can obtain funding, trainees, and research grants to continue their business.

“They are essentially do-gooders, pursuing careers and salaries for humanitarian causes, the value of which is often questionable. They seek to spread anxiety and fear to justify their existence and have little understanding of reality. But the people they appeal to are the most trusting in everything,” Walsh said.

The new Canadian ambassador to Armenia, Andrew Turner, proposed sanctions against Azerbaijan in his last statement. Patrick Walsh noted that the goal of the French Canadians is to completely eliminate the Russian factor in Armenia. According to the expert, they are only acting according to Pashinyan.

“They see what Pashinyan is doing and they see a great opportunity, realizing that their Armenian diaspora gives them a great opportunity. I don't know which allies he means, but presumably the Europeans. Essentially, this is geopolitics, since the fight for Armenia is now beginning. The Garabagh conflict is over. The status issue was resolved, and the US was glad to see the end of “Nagorno-Karabakh”, which it considered a Russian creation," the expert concluded.


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