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Azerbaijan gets almost full possession of its lands, Turkish expert says

28 September 2023 19:00 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan gets almost full possession of its lands, Turkish expert says
Rena Murshud
Rena Murshud
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The moment we expected has come! Azerbaijan's efforts were very successful and led to the abolition of the so-called "Nagorno-Karabakh" name on earth. September 28 is considered a historical achievement of Azerbaijan. In the end, all the projects of 200-year-old Armenian separatists were destroyed along with miatsum.

Thanks to both the 44-day war and local anti-terrorist measures on July 21, Azerbaijan fully restored its territorial integrity and sovereignty. This is considered a historical achievement of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, and the entire Azerbaijani people!

So, Samvel Shahramanyan, who considers himself the president of the so-called republic, signed a "decree" on the complete abolition of the so-called regime until January 1, 2024 (this is actually the time period given to him by Azerbaijan). The "Decree" comes into force immediately after its publication. Also, Armenians currently living in Garabagh have already started migrating from the legal Azerbaijani lands to Yerevan. With that, the Armenians living in Garabagh are waiting for the reintegration process again.

"The reason why the so-called "Nagorno-Karabakh" president made such a decision is the result of the efforts of Azerbaijan's glorious victories. On September 21, as a result of the military, diplomatic, and political efforts of Azerbaijan along with the local anti-terrorist measures, the so-called, and illegitimate status had to be canceled. Yes, Azerbaijan achieved its goal. As a result of these efforts, the other side had to fulfill its obligations. This name-change process will continue until the end of 2023 and will be fully under the control of Azerbaijan."

Güngör Yavuzaslan, a Turkish reporter who conducts political and social research on the Turkic world and the Middle East, stated these words in an interview with Azernews.

According to him, this decision will contribute to stability, peace, and sustainable development in the South Caucasus. The presence of an illegal terrorist element right in the middle of Garabagh was a threat to the stability of the region. By eliminating this, Azerbaijan proved that it can protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity in the South Caucasus.

"As we can see now, a large number of Armenians are migrating from Garabagh to Yerevan. First, most of the immigrants are Armenians who came after 1991, that is, they are not considered Garabagh Armenians. On the other hand, there was great pressure from Armenia on the Armenians living in Garabagh. The reason is that if the Armenians living there live together with the citizens of Azerbaijan, they will be branded as traitors. For this reason, many Armenians are "loyal" to their state and return to avoid being branded as traitors," G. Yavuzaslan added.

According to the Turkish correspondent, all property documents and population records of Armenian families who lived in Garabagh before 1991 are in the Baku archive. After the reintegration process, the Armenians remaining in the Garabagh region will live under equal conditions with Azerbaijani citizens. It is possible that a transition period and calendar will be applied on these eves. The situation there will be determined based on this transition calendar.

In conclusion, Güngör Yavuzaslan noted that it is possible to talk about New Azerbaijan with its fully liberated territories after January 1.

"Azerbaijan is a country that has almost got possession of its lands in the South Caucasus. From January 1, together with Turkiye, the new Azerbaijan will continue to rise, as it has been until now," the Turkish correspondent underlined.


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