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Western forces could escalate conflict as concentrated on border of Armenia

4 August 2023 18:20 (UTC+04:00)
Western forces could escalate conflict as concentrated on border of Armenia
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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During the period of occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan by Armenia, the Western authorities and power structures, represented by the European Union, CSTO and others, have not made due efforts to resolve the conflict. Today, it is already the third year after the Second Garabagh war, and Azerbaijan, as a victorious country, has regained the territories once occupied by Armenia and is clearing many regions of mines, which makes it difficult for IDPs to return to their homelands, and many human rights activists and international structures do not react to this.

The Lachin road, to which the Armenian authorities cling with their hands and feet, under the guise of "humanitarian aid" is moving trucks to the Lachin checkpoint, which is a pre-planned anti-Azerbaijani campaign aimed at attracting the international community to continue propagandizing and sowing lies to the masses.

It was during Armenia's aggression against Azerbaijan that mosques, temples, cemeteries, and historical monuments were destroyed and looted in the occupied territories, Christian churches belonging to Caucasian Albania and Russian Orthodox churches were Gregorianised, and the entire Islamic world was offended by the keeping of animals in mosques (considered forbidden in Islam), even though the war was over.

Many monitoring missions of the European Union continue their activities in Armenia, and opened the second operational centre in the Syunik (West Zangazur) region of Armenia, in the town of Gafan, which is located on the border with Azerbaijan, this is the fourth missionary centre in Armenia and the third on the border with Azerbaijan, and the head of the monitoring mission of the Council of Europe Markus Ritter said that the EU plans to operate six more such centres in Armenia.

The CSTO is also considering the possibility of placing its civilian mission on the territory of Armenia, which today can greatly aggravate the situation, where two centres of power are concentrated, which are now waging a global war on the background of the Russian-Ukrainian war, on the territory of Armenia. Where were the EU monitoring missions during the 30-year of occupation and genocide organised by Armenians on the territory of Azerbaijan?

The state bodies of Azerbaijan have repeatedly invited the Armenian minority living in Azerbaijan's Khankendi to discuss it, the Aghdam-Khankendi road and humanitarian aid were proposed, but due to the power holders and under their pressure, the Armenian society living there suffers from the lack of humanitarian aid at the hands of their own authorities. These provocations are being transferred by the Armenian authorities to Azerbaijan and involve the world community in the region, and it is no secret that the continuation and aggravation of the conflict are significant for several forces concentrating on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. In the words of the State Minister of the so-called "Nagorno-Karabakh" Gurgen Nersisyan, where he continues the Armenian slander, it is said "the Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons prohibits the use of "humanity" humiliating, degrading, insulting and violating human dignity", one can immediately fail to understand, the offer of humanitarian aid to Armenians citizens of Garabagh, and its rejection by them, is not human?

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, has made it clear to the authorities and the so-called "leaders" of the Armenians that Azerbaijan is interested in and strives for peace with Armenia, and offers the Armenian inhabitants of Garabagh to make a conscious choice, to accept Azerbaijani citizenship and move on with their lives, or to go to Armenia and further nurture revenge, and there are hardly those who want to start a new conflict with Azerbaijan, with its powerful and upgraded military infrastructure and army, on the Turkic lands that has eversince belonged to Azerbaijan.

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