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Iran's next terrorist attempt? - expert comments on brutal beating of Azerbaijani human-rights activist

22 May 2023 14:15 (UTC+04:00)
Iran's next terrorist attempt? - expert comments on brutal beating of Azerbaijani human-rights activist
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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Azerbaijani human-right activist of US citizen, CEO and founder of South Azerbaijan Television (Gunaz.TV) Ahmad Obaly, and his son Deniz were subjected to the terrorist attacks in California, the USA. Araz Obali, the nephew of Ahmad Obali, said to the media outlets that Ahmad Obali was brutally beaten in a hotel in the USA, a day after returning from Azerbaijan. He noted that his uncle's condition is moderate to serious.

Noting that as a result of the attack, Ahmad Obali's whole body was seriously injured, and all the fingers of his right hand were broken, and his eyes were seriously injured. He also added that Deniz, his son, was subjected to the attack, as well. His condition is serious and he was hospitalised at an intensive care unit.

Ahmad Obaly was born in Iran, and later immigrated to the USA. He is famous for his anti-mullah regime political views. Besides that, he has actively supported Azerbaijan in the Garabagh issue. He has lashed out at fascist regimes of Iran and Armenia. He is against Armenian and Iranian expansionist foreign policy.

So, the terrorist attack against him and his son raises questions about the motives of the attack.

In a comment on the issue for Azernews, the head of the Middle East Research Centre, political analyst Sadraddin Soltan drew attention to Obali's political activity and pointed two forces that could stand behind the attack.

“Ahmad Obali is a socially active person, one of the active participants in the struggle for the national rights of South Azerbaijanis. Also, during the period when the lands of the Azerbaijan Republic were under the Armenian occupation, he constantly raised the issue in the USA, where he lives, and his TV programs covered the Garabagh issue and problems of Azerbaijanis in Iran. In this case, who can be his enemy? His enemy can be only two forces: first-up, Iran and pro-Iran forces, and secondly, Armenia and pro-Armenian forces including the Armenian lobby, given that the Armenian terrorist organizations have been conducting such kinds of attacks against Azerbaijani and Turkish political and public figures. In addition, we should not forget that the Armenian groups prepared provocations against the Azerbaijan’s consulate general in California, where Ahmad Obali was subjected to the attack,” Sadraddin Soltan said.

As for the reasons of attack, the expert noted that it could be political message against Azerbaijan and the USA. According to him, the forces who committed this crime possibly intend to harm Azerbaijan-US relations, as well.

“Ahmad Obali is a US citizen. So this issue can be approached from several aspects: whether it aims at harming the US-Azerbaijani relations or this could be a direct message against the USA and its foreign policy. Obviously, the USA supports the democratization process in Iran. So inside the United States, people who support the democratization process, human rights and the rights of national minorities are being terrorized by Iran. And alternatively, it could be a message against Azerbaijan, more precisely, public figures of Azerbaijan can be assassinated even in America, the superpower of the world,” he opined.

Sadraddin Soltan also did not rule out the implication of Armenian terrorists who intend to further aggravate the already tense relation between the USA and Iran. However, he thinks that it looks a conspiracy, rather than reality.

“Ahmad Obali’s criticism against the Iranian regime, his constant mention of the rights of South Azerbaijanis, and the fact that he was attacked a day after returning from Azerbaijan automatically bring Iran to mind. In order to further strain the relationship between the United States and Iran, Armenians can do it even without the knowledge of the Iranian state. But this possibility is not serious in my opinion. I think that this incident is more related to the activities of Ahmad Obali. And as regards his enemies and opponents, none of evidence looks more relevant than Iran and Armenia,” he concluded.


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