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The immorality of Charlie Hebdo: "Je suis separatiste" or "Je suis Ruben"?

5 January 2023 10:27 (UTC+04:00)
The immorality of Charlie Hebdo: "Je suis separatiste" or "Je suis Ruben"?

By Akbar Hasanov

Azerbaijan’s popular Russian language news website Day.Az carries an article by Akbar Hasanov, who criticizes French Charlie Hebdo for anti-Azerbaijani bias, siding with Armenia on plundering Azerbaijan's natural resources in Karabakh.

The original article can be found at the link below:

Liberte, Égalite, Fraternite - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity -the slogan of the French bourgeois revolution of the late XVIII century, was based on the idea of the French enlighteners about natural human rights, reflected the desire of the masses and the main groups of the bourgeoisie to end the feudal system, royal absolutism, class privileges of the nobility and clergy.

Centuries later, we see that everything in France has greatly devalued. Politicians have long become the mouthpieces of representatives of big businesses, instead of royal absolutism, which dominates the absolutism of mediocrities put forward to power, the privileges for the "higher caste" have not disappeared, and freedom has taken the form of permissiveness and vulgarity.

A vivid confirmation of the latter is the supposedly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Why supposedly? Yes, because their "jokes" are immorality, a willingness to play on people's painful feelings. I remembered this symbol of French immorality in the light of an article in this edition. It states that "the war in Ukraine has made us forget about the threat hanging over Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh".

I note that this is not the first time this magazine touches on the Ukrainian topic. On the cover of one of the issues of Charlie Hebdo, there was a caricature - a car with a satisfied Frenchman. Under the hood Ukrainian slaves instead of the horsepower. The caption reads: "Two euros per liter of gasoline. Ride Ukrainians, it's free!" This is the "humor" of the French. Immoral, monstrous, and bearing no relation to free speech.

However, this time the magazine has outdone itself. An article by Charlie Hebdo called for "mobilization in favor of the Armenians". It's already funny. It remains only to see a new move by this edition. For example, handing out T-shirts with the inscription "Je suis separatiste" or "Je suis Ruben". After all, in fact, the authors of the article propose to protect the Karabakh separatists and their oligarch Ruben Vardanyan, who was sent from Moscow.

To protect the Karabakh separatists from further plundering natural resources of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh economic region of our country, where Gizilbulag gold deposit and Damirli copper-molybdenum deposit are located. What, however, is the perception of justice by Charlie Hebdo journalists!

They are again writing nonsense, demonstrating their complete political illiteracy, becoming like Sharikov, who talked about the correspondence between Engels and Kautsky. It is the right of any state to prevent separatism and the plunder of its natural resources. However, nothing else could be expected from a magazine that published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, deliberately committing a provocation against Muslims.

There, immorality and indecency are professional creeds there. At the same time, the really funny topic of attempts by a political midget, French President Emanuel Macron, to play the role of a "giant of thought" is somehow delicately handled. If desired, Charlie Hebdo could have well drawn a caricature of the one, whose name is not more associated with the head of a large European country, but with the heroine of an erotic film, starred by Sylvia Kristel.

Monsieur Macron is trying so hard to appease both Russia and Ukraine that another caricature suggests itself with a caption about how difficult it is to eat a fish and not sit on anything. Finally, we can recall how fruitless Macron's attempts to help Armenia turned out to be. In particular, he also participated in the quadripartite meeting in Prague. Azerbaijan graciously agreed to allow him to the negotiating table.

So, what is the outcome? In the end, Armenia suffered another fiasco, reaffirming its commitment to the UN Charter and the Alma Ata Declaration. Thus, official Yerevan has recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. This means that Khankandi and all those places, where illegal extraction of natural resources is carried out by Karabakh separatists, are the territories of our country.

I am reiterating, little Emmanuel did not help Armenia in any way. In general, he was ridiculous and pathetic compared to the presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey. Here it is - the plot ready for the caricature in Charlie Hebdo.

But, as we see, they prefer not to see the forest for the trees, focusing on protecting the Karabakh separatists.

Well, nothing surprising. It remains only to wait until representatives of the most ancient profession give their votes for Armenia and the hostages of Ruben Vardanyan in Khankandi. Yes, the very one that you remember when looking at the "creativity" of ladies and gentlemen from Charlie Hebdo.


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