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Why UN kept silent when Armenia moved mines along Lachin road, exploited natural resources of Azerbaijan?

21 December 2022 17:37 (UTC+04:00)
Why UN kept silent when Armenia moved mines along Lachin road, exploited natural resources of Azerbaijan?

By Trend

The silly accusations made by the representative of Armenia at the UN against Azerbaijan have no grounds, said Deputy General Director of Trend News Agency Sahil Karimli, Trend reports.

He was referring to the statements made regarding the ongoing peaceful action of Azerbaijanis near Shusha to stop the illegal exploitation of the country's natural resources.

"Azerbaijan refutes these unfounded accusations and condemns such steps taken in order to mislead the world community," Karimli said. "First of all, the purpose of peaceful protests on Lachin road is peace, stability, and security. Azerbaijani public demands the elimination of illegal armed formations operating in Karabakh. On the other hand, Azerbaijanis want to protect their own ecology and natural resources. They demand that the separatist forces in Karabakh put an end to the eco-terror."

He stated that the protesters have no plans to block the road.

"Karabakh is a sovereign Azerbaijani territory, and ethnic Armenians living in Khankendi and the surrounding areas are our citizens," he said.

He noted that the whole world sees how the peaceful protesters do not prevent the passage of civilians, supply vehicles, emergency medical services, and humanitarian convoys. It is also obvious that the Lachin road was blocked not by peaceful activists, but by Russian peacekeepers temporarily stationed there, who installed barricades on the road. Karimli said that it is gratifying that these obstacles have also been removed since yesterday.

"As for the UN, it would be great if this organization expressed its hard line on more important issues taking place in the world. It should discuss the issue of Armenia's blockade of Nakhchivan for almost 30 years. They should put pressure on Yerevan. Armenia still keeps Nakhchivan in blockade, seriously hindering the opening of the Zangezur corridor, and preventing the establishment of peace, security, and economic development in the region. This is the main problem for our region at the moment," Karimli added.

According to him, Armenia wants to push the real problem into the background by making unfounded accusations against Azerbaijan. He noted that all of this, as usual, is another insidious plan by Yerevan.

"The question is, where did the UN look when Armenia transported ammunition and millions of mines to Karabakh along the Lachin road, endangering the lives of our citizens after the end of the war? Also, why did not the UN react when Armenia exploited our natural resources? Why did the world community not take a principled position? Naturally, this is another manifestation of double standards, injustice, and hypocrisy," Karimli stressed.


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