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CawaMedia Agency publishes article about Gabala district [PHOTOS]

18 January 2024 17:02 (UTC+04:00)
CawaMedia Agency publishes article about Gabala district [PHOTOS]
Laman Ismayilova
Laman Ismayilova
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CawaMedia Agency in Sweden has published an article about Azerbaijan's Gabala district.

The article covers Gabala's ancient history and describes its fascinating nature and chestnut groves, some of which are even 500 years old, Azernews reports.

Some of these trees are included in the list of natural monuments protected by the state.

The article provides insight into Bazarduzu Mountain, Azerbaijan's highest peak, as well as Juma and Haji Garib mosques, Albanian churches in Beyuk Amili and Nij villages, and Shikh Baba Pier.

The author of the article also notes the settlement of ancient people discovered by archaeologists on Yalovlu Mountain near Nij village.

The archaeological cultural samples found here are typical for the northern region of Azerbaijan and are known in the scientific literature as Yalovlu hill culture.

Weapons made of iron and bronze, gold objects, millstones, and other samples were found in that area. Wood processing is widespread in Vandam village, ceramics in Gamarvan village, carpet weaving in Laza and Bum villages.

The author also mentioned the Udins who live compactly in Nij village.

This ethnic group, considered the heirs of the ancient Albanians, has preserved its traditions, language, material, and spiritual cultural heritage of its ancestors until now.

Zop-Zopa folklore ensemble, created in Bum village, successfully performs at cultural festivals held in different countries.

The article mentions that there are all kinds of conditions for tourists' please and resting in the listed places.

The unique route Alexander Dumas took in the Caucasus in Gabala is the same age as the trip of the French writer and traveller to these places in 1858.


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