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Georgian Pundit: Only Azerbaijan can get Armenia out of its current situation

4 December 2023 12:10 (UTC+04:00)
Georgian Pundit: Only Azerbaijan can get Armenia out of its current situation

By Alimat Aliyeva

Only Azerbaijan can lead Armenia out of the current situation, Azernews reports, citing Georgian military and political expert Vakhtang Maysaya.

Vakhtang Maysaya said that Armenia suffers the most from the closure of the Upper Lars checkpoint, the only land route between Georgia and Russia. Today, thousands of cars belonging to Armenians are parked at the border checkpoint. The Armenian leadership should understand that the only way out of this situation today is to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan. The Armenian leadership must realize that only Azerbaijan can lead them out of the current situation.

According to him, the Armenian side must sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan, otherwise, the current situation will lead to the end of Armenia.

"The peace treaty will open the way to economic cooperation. After signing the agreement, Armenia's trade and economic relations with Azerbaijan and Turkiye will be improved. This means the opening of a new corridor, thanks to which, on the one hand, the trade potential of the South Caucasus will increase, and on the other hand, its security will be ensured," he said.

The expert believes that at the current pace, a peace treaty will be signed no later than January-February 2024. Because official Yerevan understands that the planned peace treaty will not only save them but also make the region economically strong.


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