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Armenia's new savior in clown show says his invention to make breakthrough in army

20 February 2024 22:30 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia's new savior in clown show says his invention to make breakthrough in army
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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Centuries-old methods of manipulation of Armenian society by Western and Armenian authorities have brought them to a point of no return. The propaganda of myths about the "Aryan identity of Armenians," about the "Great Armenia," spread across the entire plane of the world, and all other kinds of other "comics", in ancient times could be taken on pure and blind faith, as there were no other sources of information that could put the former faith in doubt. Today, having at hand instant access to the information field of the world, you can independently find, explore, and learn what interests you, and most importantly, do not get lost in the abyss of garbage and misinformation.

The deliberate introduction of disinformation and its dissemination in the mainstream media around the world plays the role of a psychological weapon of directed action on the masses of people and, as a consequence, gives the "power structures" a remote control over the masses.

Armenian propaganda is probably on a pedestal among the top three in this sphere. Masterly forging and carving of Armenian "ancient" hieroglyphs by Armenian divers underwater on stone structures, forging of cultural and historical monuments on the territory of Azerbaijan, as well as forging and appropriation of Azerbaijani and Turkic history and a number of other well-known events, have taken place over a long period and are still going on.

Nowadays, the Armenian propaganda that has been working since the time of their settlement in the Caucasus, gives a misfire and acts against them. "A nation that does not know its history and roots is doomed to disappear."

The following information, which will be described, deserves an award for the best fantasy and written script.

LifeArmenia news channel released a video interview with a very interesting title and guest. The video has gained a lot of popularity, where the number of views is commensurate with a quarter of the population of Armenia. The title of the video is "My Invention Will Make Armenia a Superpower in the Region". To find out what kind of "super weapon" was invented in Armenia, we listened to this "marvelous" video interview.

In the opening speech, the moderator of "LifeArmenia" channel familiarizes the viewers with the following words:

"They assure that they can take back the Armenian historical lands, so they have created a superweapon that will terrify the enemy and Armenia will turn into a superpower of the region. (Intrigued from the very first seconds.) The guest and the author of this "super-weapon" is Akop Agonyan, founder of "Ole Nano Center", "inventor and author of many patents", and his partner - deputy director of the same company Tsovinar Khambardzumyan.

Answering the moderator's question "What is your fantastic ambition?", the author of nano-technology and superweapons said:

"Many people already know that we have been doing very interesting work for the last two years, we have established a nano-center "Olay" laboratory in Armenia, where we get "different" nano-particles, and we have specifically finished products, and our next step is already production. And not only related to nano-particles. If I'm not mistaken, we have seven or eight finished products and you could say they are all military related. I just don't know what the bullet core is called in Armenian. Yes, we make cores for a bullet that can penetrate any kind of equipment without any problem, and at quite a long distance, 1 kilometer or more, just using a regular rifle." Akop, Nano-Engineer said.

Yes, you didn't overhear it, this "engineer" states in a direct text that an ordinary rifle with a "nano-particle bullet tip" can penetrate any equipment, hence, armor. To which the presenter responded "Is it possible to talk so openly about what we are talking about?" to which the engineer Akop "Nanoparticle" said:

"Of course, because we're not hiding anything. To tell the truth, we are just producing super hard materials, something that has never been available in Armenia or in the whole world! We got the first samples in Armenia."

He goes on to explain how he obtains such superhard materials, and for sure, the West is already nervously smoking away from what he has heard.

"Let me explain now. Look what we do with these nanoparticles, what's the difference. There is the classic wolfram carbide, many people are familiar with it as the "Pobedit alloy". The "Pobedita" composition is the same wolfram carbide, what in Russian is called the sintering method. It is the same powder metallurgy, which has been developed for 60-70 years, in developed countries they do it. The difference between our (Armenian) nano-particles and classical "Pobedit" is that the porosity of clastic "Pobedit" reaches 3%, and with our (Armenian) nano-particles, as the composition is more dense - 0.01%. You can imagine the difference between 3% and 0.01%. It makes it tens of times superhard, it is the same "Pobedit wolfram", which we call " nano-carbide-wolfram", because with nanoparticles we densify these small pores, which are present and which can be seen only in "miskakraskop", we close these pores, make them dense, get a polycrystalline lattice".

According to the engineer, there was no such thing anywhere, neither in China nor in America, and they had never seen such a thing even in their dreams. He goes on to say that if you have such a thing and you put it in a bullet, it doesn't matter that it's small 1-2cm, and you fire it at armoured vehicles, (whether it's an armored car or a tank), get a feel for its effect, because it doesn't break. After all, it's super hard.

"The kinetic energy pushes it and it drives it all the way (since it doesn't crumble) to the end of the target, and that target is just penetrated," says the nanotechnology engineer.

Then the moderator, after listening to the engineer, added to what he said, quoting the Armenian Colonel Humashyan, "With this, we will turn the enemy's equipment into grinds" to which the engineer replied that it would even turn it into a minced meat. The moderator asked the engineer, "Why then are we stalling, why today we don't have such weapons to make the enemy tremble?".

The engineer, not confused, replied that everything was already ready and tested at the military test site and that it was enough to put the machines and start production.

The most surprising thing is that according to the engineers, they came to an agreement with the Military-Industrial Committee of Armenia that this project is managed by the ministry of the country itself.

The engineers further said that they were ordered these Nano-particles, which they produced and kept in 3-liter jars in their three-room apartment and distributed to various scientific centers. The engineers further state that when they needed to buy two grams of the chemical substance for their experiments, and because they could not find it either in the domestic market or abroad, they were sent to "Vernissage" (which is a market in the center of Yerevan where jewelry, carpets, etc. are sold), where they were sold the wrong substance and without a certificate, as a result of which, according to the engineer, three people almost died during the experiments with the substance.

It turns out that in the center of Yerevan it is possible to find and buy a chemical substance in the "bazzar", which is not the over the counter, and even make it at home.

Armenia's "breakthrough" in the sphere of nano-technologies continues to be mouse fiddling around.

After such a ridiculous information that the Armenian "con breaking through nanoparticles" told us, he stated that without weapons and enforcement, peace cannot be achieved, which once again proves that even after the defeat in the war with Azerbaijan, Armenians still think about revenge, hoping for bizarre technology to help them in the war.

The flip side of the coin is that Armenians use their mentally unhealthy people for their self-serving propaganda and money-making purposes.


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