renewable energy

Energy ministry hails Azerbaijan's efforts to develop renewable energy

Seven working groups set up under the leadership of relevant structures in the spheres of activity of the commission created to fulfill the tasks arising from the Azerbaijani president’s order N1673 dated December 5, 2019 "On measures for the implementation of pilot projects in the field of use of renewable energy sources" continued their activity during the first quarter of 2020, Trend reports referring to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Energy.
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Provitaz CEO: I gained faith in alternative energy after visiting Azerbaijan

Alternative energy sources are now becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. These are renewable resources that replace traditional energy sources including oil, natural gas and coal, which, when burned, emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Getting energy from renewable or practically inexhaustible natural resources and phenomena has many advantages. The main ones are environmental friendliness and profitability.
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There is alternative - Azerbaijan chooses clean energy

Clean environment is what modern civilization urgently needs. Conservation of natural resources, clean air and at the same time ensuring future generations’ energy security. How can one combine these factors? Azerbaijan is presently looking for answers to these questions. A formula is being developed that will not only help avoid putting energy security and ecology on conflicting positions but will also create conditions for using the opportunities bestowed upon our country by the nature.
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