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Part 6: Pashinyan on the way ending in nowhere

16 July 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Part 6: Pashinyan on the way ending in nowhere
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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This is how the next meeting in Brussels ended. Pashinyan, a worn out premier with some old, discolored papers in a folder he carries. Maybe one day Pashinyan will get tired of these long meetings, or he will hate himself for being the prime minister of a clumsy country like Armenia.

After all, how many roles can one play...? I can say with certainty that these are exactly what Nikol Pashinyan was thinking on his way back to Yerevan. It is the sixth time that the Armenian Prime Minister has been seated at the table in the Brussels format and is fed the same words and the same ideas every time he visits. But every time there is a subversive plan in return.

This type of behavior of Armenia has already become a common occurrence for both Azerbaijan and the world. For example, on the eve of meetings in Washington, Brussels, Chisinau, and even Moscow, Armenia's smear and provocation campaigns are launched every time. This time, Armenia tried to come up with a new scenario ahead of the Brussels meeting, but its performance was completely unsuccessful. Because Armenia fully reflected itself in the script it prepared. Armenia, which wants to call Azerbaijan a child killer, for some reason reminded the world of the atrocities it committed three decades ago, the children it mercilessly killed in Khojaly. Who is the killer - us or you?

The death of two children due to unknown reasons in the territory of Azerbaijan was brought up for discussion among Armenian circles the other day. This incident was also discussed simultaneously with the friskiest party in a restaurant in Khankendi. As they say, a party on one side, tragedy on the other. However, from Armenia's point of view, it actually looked more like a desired event than a tragedy. As if Armenia had gained the most valuable profit in the world with the death of two children. Perhaps they had added the death certificates of the dead children among the old useless papers of Nikol when he was sent off to Brussels. However, the prime minister could not dare to speak about the unknown incident as it was the next time for him to acknowledge the figure of 86.6 thousand square kilometres.

Yes, we are talking about the territory of Azerbaijan and the death accident that occurred within that territory. Both Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mirzoyan and his illiterate ambassador at large Marukyan, who made themselves ridiculous with their illogical arguments, tried to go beyond the red line set by their prime minister. Have they not been told that the figure of 86.6 admitted by Pashinyan also means the borders of the Karabakh territory?

Both Mirzoyan and Marukyan should learn that there is a concept of international law in the world and everything is solved within the framework of this law. If a citizen has a nosebleed on the territory of Azerbaijan, it is resolved entirely within the framework of Azerbaijan's rights. By interfering in these cases, Armenia does nothing but violate the law. Therefore, we note once again: mr. Mirzoyan and Marukyan, all the problems of the Armenians living in the Karabakh territory of Azerbaijan belong to Azerbaijan, and these problems are considered within the framework of Azerbaijani laws. If a death occurred on the territory of Azerbaijan, we should be informed about the incident directly. Learn and know this forever. After all, why do you tire your prime minister so much?

At the last meeting in Brussels, Nikol Pashinyan once again made a bitter pose in front of Azerbaijan's demands. This was the message of hopelessness and desperation of Armenia. Pashinyan was really sad and worried. Because he can speak the truth only once in his life - and this is possible outside of Armenia. When he returns from meetings, including Brussels, another series of lies is started in front of the tribune. No matter how bitter it is, Pashinyan has already reconciled to deal with this way of life, and he is already waiting with that pessimistic face to see where this road will end for him...


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