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Turkiye delivers bunker busters to armed forces

29 September 2022 15:25 (UTC+04:00)
Turkiye delivers bunker busters to armed forces

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The Turkish Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation has introduced a penetrating bomb, the nation's first concrete piercing munitions, manufactured using domestic resources, Yeni Shafak reports.

The penetrating bomb, commonly known as the "bunker buster," is intended for use against both above-ground and subsurface targets and employs sequential penetrating warhead technology.

An important foreign dependency in the defense industry came to an end with the manufacturing of such products using domestic means. Deliveries of penetrating bombs filled with materials produced at the Energetic Materials Production Facility began in September, with more than 100 deliveries to the air forces in a short time.

New success has been achieved by the efforts to end foreign dependency in critical areas in the defense industry.

The Energetic Materials Production Facility, which was established using domestic facilities and national technologies that became operational in 2021, began the production of chemicals, such as RDX, HMX, and CMX, which are used as raw materials in high-explosive ammunitions, rocket heads, and composite rocket fuels, which are sometimes difficult to import. By doing so, Turkiye has made a significant stride in the production of next-generation explosives.

The Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation has already started delivering penetrating bombs laden with domestically created energetic ingredients in September. In a short period of time, the company delivered over 100 missiles to the Turkish Air Forces.

The plant, which was inaugurated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was built with a $25 million investment and has a capacity of 200 tons per year.

The penetrating bomb can be used with different guidance kits with its high penetration ability even at low impact speeds and angles, high efficiency against secondary targets with its pre-shaped particles used in the pre-piercing design, being able to be used against different target types, and programmable firing times.

The bomb is efficient against targets and threats such as bombs, ammunition depots, underground petrochemical depots, bunkers, aircraft hangars, command and control centers, airfields, dams, bridges, critical buildings, area targets, radar antennas, fixed missile batteries, industrial facilities, and parked planes.


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