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US pundit calls for sanctions against Armenia for medieval chauvinistic act of flag-burning

17 April 2023 14:20 (UTC+04:00)
US pundit calls for sanctions against Armenia for medieval chauvinistic act of flag-burning
Sabina Mammadli
Sabina Mammadli
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The past week has once again reinforced the fact that Azerbaijanis have been confident in for decades – Armenia is a terrorist state. The post-war reconciliation process has been nothing but a dance of one step forward and two steps back. Despite the pending negotiations, mediated meetings and empty promises, Armenia continues to respond with the shelling of Azerbaijani positions; inhuman torture of Azerbaijani prisoners of war, and the incident with the burning of the Azerbaijani flag at the opening ceremony of the European Weightlifting Championship in Yerevan in complete violation of international law.

There should be no politics in sports and Azerbaijan has numerously demonstrated its commitment to humanitarian laws and norms, for instance, in the case when Azerbaijani President stopped the audience from “boo”ing the Armenian athlete and instead encouraged applause during the boxing competition of the "Baku-2015" European Games. But instead of ensuring the safety of Azerbaijani athletes, Yerevan once again descends to provocations.

In a comment to Azernews, American international affairs expert and author of many books about Azerbaijan and European studies Peter Tase condemned the burning of the Azerbaijani flag in Yerevan, noting that it is a medieval chauvinistic act that must call upon the international sports organizations to sanction the government of Armenia and suspend Yerevan as a destination for future global sporting activities.

“It is abhorrent and abominable, beyond any limit of imagination, to observe the tortures and brutality exercised by the terrorist armed forces of Armenia. In the XXI Century the inherited norms of the Geneva Convention and European Union resolutions on Human Rights, are grossly violated by the bloodthirsty regime of Yerevan. It is excruciating to observe the opaque and biased position of France, United States and other democratic governments that constantly provide Armenia with an unlimited freedom of action and continue to allocate financial resources to a terrorist regime that has caused and continues to inflict so much pain against the people of Azerbaijan and against the environmental economics of the Caucasus region,” the pundit noted.

Tase remarked that such horrendous, terrifying actions that are equal to Armenian fascist behavior, burning of the flag of Azerbaijan before the eyes of the world have not been seen even in the Byzantine Empire, ten centuries ago.

“All sectors of the Armenian government and international participants who did not condemn this unprecedented act will be condemned in the history books of our civilization,” he underlined.

Besides, he called the burning of the flag an act of terrorism, which should serve as a wakeup call for the European Union and European Council to urgently begin imposing economic sanctions and cut financial aid to Armenia, until Pashinyan is sitting down on the peaceful negotiations table in order to refrain from further violence and belligerent policies in the Caucasus.

“Time has come for Washington to distance itself from Yerevan and seriously work together with other international partners to bring peace in the Caucasus. It is certainly disturbing to experience a high level of favoritism from Washington to Paris, expressed towards Yerevan. Armenian fascist leadership are a clear threat to the security and economic growth of Europe and Transatlantic cooperation,” the pundit stressed.

Talking about the tortures against Azerbaijani soldiers, the expert referred to them as acts of barbarism “that take us back to the Balkan Wars when Armenian revolutionaries and soldiers committed countless crimes against the people of Bulgaria and other nations of Europe”.

The political analyst called the European Union and NATO to immediately suspend all their diplomatic dialogue with Yerevan, indefinitely, until Pashinyan has delivered concrete results from the upcoming peace dialogue with Azerbaijan.

“For the civilized world, to witness crimes committed by Yerevan, and remain silent, is as monstrous as the crime itself. There is no sound reason as to why France, Belgium, United States and other great democracies chose to provide privileged treatment to the fascist oligarchs of Armenia. History will reveal these geopolitical blunders committed by the West,” Tase finalized.


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