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Jamil Hasanli’s thirst for power more important than Azerbaijan’s interests

4 November 2019 10:42 (UTC+04:00)
Jamil Hasanli’s thirst for power more important than Azerbaijan’s interests

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Many political events have occurred in Azerbaijan, in particular, under the leadership of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev over the past month.

Important structural changes and personnel reforms in the government have been also carried out.

The state policy that has been pursued in Azerbaijan for the benefit of people since the country announced its independence, has caused, to put it mildly, false patriots to be concerned.

In the absence of ideological base, electorate, especially, trust and support of people, marginal people, as a rule, try to destabilize the situation in every possible way and throw dust in the eyes of the world community.

One of such false patriots is notorious leader of the Azerbaijani National Council Jamil Hasanli.

This time, having lost last hope of gaining power, the opposition member decided to complain to the Western friends during the discussions recently held by the US National Press Club in Washington in connection with a rally organized by the so-called National Council on October 19 in Baku.

Besides Hasanli, Advocacy Director for Europe and Central Asia for Amnesty International human rights organization Daniel Balson and odious journalist Sevinj Osmanqizi participated in the discussions.

It is curious that Hasanli accused the US Department of State of indifference to the opposition leaders, chairman of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Ali Karimli and members of the Azerbaijani National Council of Democratic Forces Tofig Yagublu and Ibrahim Ibrahimli.

"The Department of State’s silent reaction to the torture of opposition leaders, head of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Ali Karimli and members of the Azerbaijani National Council of Democratic Forces Tofig Yagublu and Ibrahim Ibrahimli is regrettable and disappointing," Hasanli said, calling on the West to apply sanctions against Azerbaijan's leadership.

Following this accusation voiced by Hasanli, Balson called on the US authorities to justice and asked to take actions against the Azerbaijani government.

By the way, Balson at every opportunity praises the Armenian separatists and the "velvet" revolution in Armenia. To understand the relations between the opposition member (Hasanli positions himself as a “patriot”) and politically committed Western official Balson, it is enough to recall when Hasanli in his letter published in Guardian in 2013 called the Nagorno-Karabakh region as a "disputed" territory.

It is not surprising that the Voice of America and, of course, Radio Liberty, financially supported by the Armenian lobbyists, render information support to the National Council. Moreover, both of these stations are the US state media projects and are funded directly by US Congress.

It is quite obvious that the illusive thirst for power and the nods of approval of Western propagandists are more important for unfortunate patriot Hasanli than historical facts, many international documents and the interests of his homeland.

For this reason people do not take seriously the wishes and aspirations of opposition leaders. Moreover, the Azerbaijani people are well aware that those involved in the National Council, who put their own interests and ambitions above everything else. They do not have a clear program for solving Azerbaijan’s economic problems, a sufficient personnel base and a unified model of the country's development.

Obviously, Azerbaijani youth, which is the driving force among people, does not join the dirty political game of the "advocates of democracy" because it realizes that the leaders of the radical opposition are only trying to use their potential for their vile purposes.

So, the radical opposition, without people’s support, was afraid of holding rallies recently in the places allocated by Azerbaijan's authorities. This was also natural because the opposition did not have the potential. It intended to organize a rally and riots through the outside observers by organizing a rally in the center of Baku. The opposition tried to attract people through fraud and empty promises.

However, these attempts were unsuccessful because Azerbaijani people sensibly assess the real situation. The Azerbaijani citizens clearly realize that the problems existing in the country are quickly resolved at the state level under the leadership of President Aliyev. The opposition can only give false promises based on selfish interests of people striving for power. This has once again testified to the people’s single choice, their solidarity around the president and the support for his policy in the name of bright future of independent Azerbaijan.


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