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What secret plans against opposition could be behind Pashinyan's cool behaviour?

2 June 2024 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
What secret plans against opposition could be behind Pashinyan's cool behaviour?
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Sometimes he is insulted, sometimes he is kicked out, and sometimes he is applauded by those who pretend to admire him. This trend, which is changing day after day, has already introduced a new face in Armenia - Bagrat Srbazan Galstanyan, someone who is also known as an agent of the former Armenian opposition leaders.

Is he a cleric or a political revolutionary? No one is interested in this. The most interesting thing is the special “program’ that he made or someone made for him to change life in Armenia.

The Armenian Archbishop, who raised all of Yerevan through his Tavush for the Motherland movement, has created a deep rift between the government and the people in the country. As the saying goes, “A blunt knife is a higher cut risk than a sharp one”. Although Bagrat's reputation among the people was not enough at the beginning, today his stubbornness is already starting to create serious risks for Pashinyan. But I wonder if this is really a risk according to Pashinyan, or is he deliberately creating conditions for it?

Much to public consternation, Pashinyan is silent for some reason. In addition to showing himself as an ultra-democrat, he also takes a cold approach to many problems that have arisen in the country. For example, in the north of Armenia, in the vicinity of Lori and Tavush, the consequences and the threat of an epidemic after the flood that occurred last week have become a potential threat to the country. Today, about 300 people were evacuated from the area as a result of the destruction caused by the natural disaster. Another issue is the visits of the Armenian Prime Minister to the provinces as if nothing had happened. He appears in public and tries to show that he is in high spirits. However, the situation in Yerevan is completely different.

Nikol Pashinyan is in the mood to speed up the peace agreement with Azerbaijan. He said this in his statement to the local press in the parliament earlier in May.

"I can say that we have now experienced a significant change in the climate, but it still does not mean that we have reached the finish line; what remains is to sign [the peace treaty]."

In addition, Pashinyan said that he based his hopes on the steps to be taken by the Azerbaijani government and hoped for results from the meetings of both foreign ministers in Alma-Ata.

Nevertheless, the church is completely against Pashinyan's views. They claim that Pashinyan unilaterally makes decisions in favour of Azerbaijan. However, until the Prague agreement and the Alma-Ata declaration, the opposition forces did not have this opinion.

The opposition in the background, and Bagrat Srbazan in the foreground, have already gone so far as to demand Pashinyan's resignation. Pashinyan's extra cold-blooded attitude raises questions about what kind of secret plan he might launch against the opposition, rather than his resignation.


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