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Macron either flatters Israel or aims to discredit it

26 October 2023 17:00 (UTC+04:00)
Macron either flatters Israel or aims to discredit it
Qabil Ashirov
Qabil Ashirov
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President Emmanuel Macron's words about the Israel-Hamas War unveil the hypocritical stance of France and augur bloodshed that could happen in the Middle East and could affect not just Palestine but also Israel, as well.

Before starting to interpret Macron's words and intentions, it should be better to mention that Israel is a country that owns a capable army that can fight simultaneously on different fronts and has perfect security services that can conduct any anti-terror operations in all corners of the world. Macron, whose country lost almost all wars in the last 100 years, including WWII, and was beaten, expelled, or cornered in the Far East and Africa, flies to the Middle East and expresses his assistance to the Israeli State, which has won roughly all wars throughout its history, in a battle with Hamas, an armed group. So, Israel is a country that can give a lesson to France on military and anti-terror operations, let alone need assistance from it.

However, forgetting the history, Macron impudently stated that his country is ready to fight against Hamas and proposed that the international coalition fighting ISIS should widen its mandate and fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip as well. He added that "the battle (against Hamas) has to be without mercy.”

Reading Macron's statement, I have no other option but to think that either he flatters or he wants to stain the reputation of Israel. Call it as you want, but the coalition that fought against ISIS is the same coalition that invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, dethroned Gaddafi in Libya, and destabilised Syria. The coalition sometimes gets bigger and sometimes shrinks, but the main countries remain the same. The coalition made a hash of all the operations it had conducted and lost its face.

In comparison, the Israeli Army stood 100 km away from Kairo and got control of all of the Sinai Peninsula in the Yum Kippur War; in 1982, Israel invaded Beirut; it bombarded Iraq; it kept Gazza under control for several years, and so on, but the results of these operations were not as disgusting as the results of operations conducted by the above-mentioned coalition.

For example, during the Iraqi War, roughly one million civilians died, and about half of the country turned into IDPs. As for Syrian destabilisation, the country, so to speak, was depopulated. Millions of people became refugees and sought shelter in different countries. In addition, Israel has never created prisons like Abu Gharib or Guantanamo. To top it all off, the economies of none of the countries that waged war with Israel collapsed, as did the economies of Libya, Syria, and Iraq. So to say, the economies of the countries where the coalition conducted operations were depleted. Terror organisations and illegal armed groups mushroomed in all places where the coalition, which Macron praised, conducted operations.

Keeping the bloody history of the coalition in mind, I hope Macron flattered Israel. Otherwise, it means that the West will stir up the region once again, which does not promise a bright future for Israel. In short, the coalition will goof up again and leave the region. Afterward, Israel will need to clean up behind them.

While speaking about the goofed-up policy of the West, especially France, we should not overlook the hypocrisy of Macron as well. According to the international media outlet, about 30 French citizens died or were injured, and several were taken as hostages during the attack by Hamas. Thereupon, he calls Hamas a terror organisation and exclaims that they will fight with Hamas relentlessly. However, the same Macron impudently accuses Azerbaijan of conducting anti-terror measures in Garabagh. According to France, Hamas is a terror organisation, but separatists in Garabagh who brutally killed over 15,000 civilians, expelled 750,000 civilians from their hometowns, and looted and planted landmines in Azerbaijani territories are 'democratic people' or even saints.

For 30 fallen French citizens, Macron calls Hamas a terror organisation but requires us to forgive and forget over 30,000 fallen lives, half of them civilians, in Garabagh. A few French citizens were taken hostages, and France vows to uproot Hamas, but the same country requires us not to investigate the fate of 4,000 Azerbaijanis who went missing by virtue of Armenians.

Given the above-mentioned, by what right does France ask for or require anything from us?


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