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Iran's another hostile campaign against Azerbaijan

3 June 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Iran's another hostile campaign against Azerbaijan

By Elvin Sakhavatoglu

Iran has started the next stage of its hostile campaign against Azerbaijan. The detention of Azerbaijani student Farid Safarli on charges of "espionage" is a vivid example of this.

What is happening around Farid Safarli?

Azerbaijani student studying in Germany. Farid Safarli, 27, a student at the University of Jena, traveled to Tehran on February 20, 2023 to meet his girlfriend. Although he was due to return to Germany on 5 March, he did not return. Although Farid's family began searching, they could not find any results. Dilara Askerova, his mother, was told at the Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan that information about your son would be provided by April 2. But no information was given.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan also sent a note to Iran regarding Farid Safarli.

Recently it became known that Farid, who allegedly went missing, was arrested in Iran on charges of "espionage".

The unchanging Azerbaijani policy of the mullah regime

After Iran's relations with Azerbaijan deteriorated, Tehran began to make various baseless accusations against our country and make radical decisions. Sometimes Tehran conducts exercises on our borders, sometimes spreads a video of how they are going to occupy Baku, sometimes organizes an attack on our embassy, ​​sometimes opens a consulate in Gafan, and sometimes calls the Armenian border a "red line". The goal is to distract Azerbaijan from its goals and form influence in the region.

But the course of events shows that Iran's aggressive steps against Azerbaijan have no effect on official Baku's policy. Therefore, the Iranian authorities began to use new methods.

One gets the impression that official Tehran is trying to put pressure on Baku by arresting Farid Safarli on charges of "espionage".

If we look at recent history, we will see that this is not Iran's first aggressive behavior towards Azerbaijani citizens. In October 2008, official Tehran arrested Rashad Aliyev, an Azerbaijani, on false charges.

Apparently, the Iranian regime has not changed its character and political goals even after years. Iranian authorities spew hatred and threats against both southern and northern Azerbaijanis.

For example, Iran's position on Karabakh and its all-round support for Armenia stem from its historical enmity against the Azerbaijani people and state.

Official Tehran is also jealous of the peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia and does not hesitate to provoke Yerevan into provocations in order to hinder this process.

All this shows that Iran poses a threat to both the Azerbaijani state and the Azerbaijani people.

To the attention of our compatriots wishing to visit Iran!

The provocative steps of official Tehran towards Azerbaijan show that the Iranian regime is planning all this in advance.

Then who can guarantee that an Azerbaijani citizen who went to Iran for trade, medicine or any other business will not be recognized as a "spy" and arrested?

The facts about Farid Safarli and Rashid Aliyev prove that the Iranian special services did this job "professionally".

It is true that the land border with Iran is currently closed. However, Azerbaijani citizens travel to Iran using a third country.

They put their lives in danger. Because as the network of the Iranian regime in Azerbaijan is exposed, it becomes more and more aggressive and does not stop at false accusations and slander against our citizens.

For this reason, Azerbaijani citizens should avoid visiting Iran.

Of course, official Baku can ban Azerbaijani citizens from visiting Iran. This practice exists in world experience. For example, the US and Japan have banned their citizens from visiting North Korea. Violators of the ban are severely punished.

If the Iranian regime intensifies its aggression against the citizens of Azerbaijan, it will be discussed that official Baku will impose such a ban.


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