Iran invents stain-resistant carpet for the first time

For the first time in the world, Iran has invented an anti-stain carpet, without using nanotechnology, Fars news agency reported.

The carpet has been invented by Ali Jadi in the Iran's city of Kashan.

The carpet is resistant to oil, water, acids.

"I have invented a special carpet-weaving machine, that is able to weave 4,800 meters of carpet in a day," Jadi said, without revealing any details of the machine.

In May, IRNA news agency reported that Iran earned about $400 million in 11 months of the past calendar year (started on March 21) for exporting domestically made carpets to various countries.

The director of Iran's National Carpet Center, Mohammad Bagher Alikhani said that Iran earned the above mentioned revenue from carpet exports to 70 countries.

"45 percent of overall carpet exports went to Asian countries, 43 percent to the European countries," he said.

Alikhani added that because the sanctions did not affect Iran's carpet exports too much, Iranian carpets are now known all over the world.

Further on he said that currently Iran is exporting its carpets to China and Brazil, while possibilities of exports to South Africa and Vietnam are being considered.

He also added that about 8 million people in Iran (about 10 percent of the overall population) are involved in the carpet industry in the country.

In February, the managing director of the Iran Handmade Carpet Producers Cooperative, Abdollah Bahrami said that Iranian handmade carpet exports showed a 17 percent decrease in the first 11 months of the current Iranian calendar year in comparison to the same period of last year.

Last year, Iran exported $500 million worth of handmade carpets.