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National wrestlers win four medals in Poland

9 March 2022 11:12 (UTC+04:00)
National wrestlers win four medals in Poland

By Laman Ismayilova

Azerbaijani Greco-Roman wrestlers have won four medals at the U-23 European Championship in Poland.

The wrestlers enriched the country's medal haul with one gold, one silver and two bronze medals.

Hasay Hasanli (77 kg) defeated (9:0) his Bulgarian and Hungarian (7:0) opponents. He also left no chances to the Serbian wrestler (5:1) and reached the final.

In the final, Hasanli defeated his Georgina wrestler (10:0) and won the gold medal.

Another national wrestler Lachin Veliyev (87 kg) lost in the qualifying round to the Danish opponent - 2:10. However, Lachin had a repechage match with a Turkish wrestler and won with a score of 7:5.

In the decisive fight, Veliyev defeated an Armenian wrestler (6:5) and brought the bronze medal for Azerbaijani team.

Ziya Babashov (63 kg) advanced to the semifinals, after defeating an Israeli wrestler with a score of 9:2. He also won over his Bulgarian rival (6:1) and reached the final of the European Championship.

Next, Ziya Babashov lost to his Georgian rival (0:3) and took the silver medal of the European Championship.

Sarkhan Mammadov (130 kg) also joined the fight from the quarterfinals. He reached the semi-finals, convincingly defeating the Czech opponent (13:5).

Mammadov lost to the Turkish wrestler in the semifinals (6:13). In the fight for the bronze medal, Mammadov defeated Greek rival (6:) and grabbed the bronze medal.

Wrestling remains the most popular sport in the county and is overseen by the National Wrestling Federation, which was established in 1993.

The Rio Games opened a new page in wrestling for Azerbaijan. The country became one of only two nations ever to increase the number of medals achieved in five consecutive Games.

In 2020, Azerbaijani freestyle wrestlers finished third in the overall medal table of the Individual World Cup in Serbia.

National wrestlers won two medals, including silver and bronze. Russia topped the medal table followed by Turkey.

The national team also won five medals at the Grand Prix Moscow held in Russia. The national team won one gold, two silver and two bronze medals in the tournament.

At the same time, Osman Nurmagomedov (92 kg) was crowned the World Champion in Belgrade last year.


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