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'Autonomy' reaction from Defense Minister Akar: They were promised

11 May 2023 15:18 (UTC+04:00)
'Autonomy' reaction from Defense Minister Akar: They were promised

By News Centre

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar stated that some parties promised "autonomy" to terrorists and said, "Autonomy means division. This is the trick on their minds. They promised. The foresight of our nation will not allow this. On May 14, everyone will protect their homeland, nation, flag, and Republic,” Hulusi Akar said.

AK Party Kayseri deputy candidate Hulusi Akar met with the tradesmen at the event organized by the Chamber of Auto Craftsmen, visited the factories in the Organized Industrial Zone, and met with the workers.

Hulusi Akar, who was met with great interest, stated that essential results were obtained in the studies carried out for a great and powerful Turkiye, and great progress was made.

Drawing attention to the point reached and the problems solved, Hulusi Akar said, "We have come to solve the problems so far, I hope we will continue to solve the problems from where we left off."

Noting that they are working so that everyone can live in safety and prosperity, Hulusi Akar said, "Turkiye is one, our country is one, our nation is one, 85 million are one, so we have continued our efforts to grow and strengthen our country with one heart and one fist, without separation and indifference. I hope we will achieve this."

Noting that the Mehmetchik's [Turkish soldier] fight against terrorism continues with determination, Hulusi Akar said:

"Mehmetchik is chasing terrorists. The camps used by terrorists in northern Iraq were destroyed on their heads and continue to be destroyed. The corridor that terrorists tried to establish in northern Syria was shattered, the terrorists were buried in the pits they dug, and they continue to be buried. Our only target is terrorists. We don't have a problem with his identity. A total of 85 million, first-class citizens of the Republic of Turkiye. There is no separation. Some are trying to bring mischief into us. It has no validity. The terrorist organization PKK is never the representative of our Kurdish brothers. Turks and Kurds are brothers, 85 million are one and together. We will not be part-time."

"It's a matter of survival"

Expressing that the leaders of terrorism "hope for help" in the elections on May 14, Akar said, "This nation's foresight will not allow it. Because it is a matter of survival. It is a matter of security for a growing and powerful Turkiye. What do some parties promise to terrorists? They say, 'Autonomy'. Autonomy means division. This is the trick on their minds. They promised them. The foresight of our nation will not allow this. On May 14, everyone will take care of their homeland, nation, flag, and Republic."

Emphasizing that they have problems with those who do not distance themselves from terrorist organizations, Akar said, "They were side by side with terrorists, they got on the same boat. They are with terrorists. They promised them. How do they know? Terrorists say, 'If you don't do what we say, we will ask you to account for it after the election.' That means they made a promise. They remind us that we should not break our unity and solidarity, and we should not lose our gains in the fight against terrorism."


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