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New investment of $1.54bn is coming to the rural: 30,000 jobs to be opened

10 May 2023 16:47 (UTC+04:00)
New investment of $1.54bn is coming to the rural: 30,000 jobs to be opened

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With the contribution of the European Union (EU) Upheld Rural Development Support Program carried out by the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, it is aimed to support a new investment of TRY20bn ($1.54bn) and to provide 30,000 new employments in order to increase production in rural areas.

According to the information obtained from the Ministry, IPARD, the rural development component of the "Pre-Accession Assistance Tool" created by the EU to support a candidate and potential candidate countries, aims to support the preparations for harmonization with the Union's common agricultural and rural development policies and policy development within this scope.

Within the scope of IPARD I, which was implemented to create a competitive agricultural sector, develop physical potential, improve economic capacity and diversity in rural areas, and ended in 2016, EURO1.05bn was provided to 10,653 projects. A total of EURO676m was paid for 11 thousand 22 projects with IPARD II, which was put into practice afterward.

- IPARD III Program will start in the second half of the year

The preparatory work for the IPARD III Program, which will start in the second half of the year and will last until 2027, has been carried out by the Ministry since 2020. In this process, sector analyses were made and the opinions of all stakeholders were taken.

The implementation of the IPARD III Program will begin with the entry into force of the Financing Agreement, which will be signed by mutual agreement with the European Commission.

The EU contribution in the IPARD III Program was determined as EURO430m. With the contributions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the total budget reaches EURO555m. The program is made more attractive with high grant rates between 50 percent and 75 percent and tax exemption for investments.

In the IPARD III Program, the total public contribution for the LEADER Project (Implementation of Local Development Strategies in the Rural) measure was aimed to be increased to EURO50m, which would satisfy local action groups. The agriculture and environmental budget was also increased.

In addition, for the first time, a budget was allocated from the program for public infrastructure investments and consultancy services in rural areas.

With the IPARD III Program contribution and the additional budget to be allocated by the Ministry, it is aimed to make a new investment of TRY20bn ($1.02bn), of which approximately TRY11bn ($0.56bn) is a grant, to create 30,000 new jobs. It is also planned to expand the IPARD Program, which is currently being implemented in 42 provinces, to 81 cities.


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