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Some 17,267 prisoners granted amnesty since Nov 2021 [PHOTO]

16 March 2022 16:35 (UTC+04:00)
Some 17,267 prisoners granted amnesty since Nov 2021 [PHOTO]

By Sabina Mammadli

The Amnesty Act, which Azerbaijan passed on November 5, 2021, on the occasion of Victory Day, has pardoned 17,267 people.

It was applied to 5,971 convicts serving their sentences in places of deprivation of liberty. Of them, 2,710 were released from punishment and 3,261 had the unserved part of their punishment term reduced by six months.

The amnesty also affected 8,559 people whose punishment did not involve deprivation of liberty. Of them, 5,722 were released from prison, and 2,837 had their sentences reduced.

Thus, 1,909 people sentenced to confinement, 2,471 to corrective labor, 86 to public works, 1,202 to fines, and 54 to other types of punishment were released. The amnesty was also extended to 62 people sentenced to probation or whose sentences were suspended. Furthermore, the amnesty was extended to 890 people involved in court proceedings and 1,785 people involved in preliminary investigation bodies' proceedings.

In total, 12 acts of amnesty have affected about 135,000 people; over 32,000 convicts have been released from prisons since 1995.

It should be mentioned that on November 5, the Azerbaijani parliament passed a law announcing a Victory Day amnesty. The decision took effect on the date it was adopted. The amnesty measure was projected to benefit 15,000 people.

Prisons, interior, executive structures, and preliminary inquiry committees were directed to complete the amnesty procedure within four months of the document's entry into effect.

Close relatives of those who participated in the 44-day war and other military actions to safeguard Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as those who received orders and medals, would be freed under the legislation.

Furthermore, close relatives of people with disabilities or murdered as a result of military provocations, as well as individuals who have committed crimes that do not constitute a significant public threat, will be exempt from criminal prosecution.

At the same time, negligent offenders, those who committed a less serious or first-time grave crime for which the unserved part of the sentence is less than six months, and those who are serving a sentence in a precinct-type penitentiary institution less than one year before the end of their sentence will be released from the unserved part of their sentence.

The statute is intended to apply to persons who have been punished, condemned to public or correctional work, restricted from military duty, or held in a disciplinary military facility.

The amnesty will remove convictions from individuals who do not pose a major public threat or who have committed less serious crimes.


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Some 17,267 prisoners granted amnesty since Nov 2021 [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
Some 17,267 prisoners granted amnesty since Nov 2021 [PHOTO] - Gallery Image
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