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Armenia may also lose Zangazur in case of war - Russian political analyst

18 November 2021 14:11 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia may also lose Zangazur in case of war - Russian political analyst

By Trend

Armenia may lose Zangazur as well in case of a war, well-known Russian political analyst, TV presenter and public figure Maxim Shevchenko told Trend , commenting on Armenia’s recent provocative actions on the border with Azerbaijan.

“This confrontation is a consequence of the incompleteness of the political process after the war in 2020,” the analyst added. “I am sure that there is a desire within the Armenian society for revenge, bitterness from defeat, and hope for an external ally who will come and save.”

Shevchenko added that when Nazi Germany was suffering defeat from the end of 1943, its fate was obvious.

“Nevertheless, there was hope that Stalin would quarrel with Roosevelt, a miracle weapon would appear,” the analyst said. “It is necessary to repulse the provocateurs, but at the same time to follow the peace process by assisting the Armenian society to find this way of peace.”

Shevchenko thinks that Armenia can lose a lot in case of a war.

“During these two days Azerbaijan has clearly shown that as a result of the “screams” of the Armenian side, Armenia may lose Zangazur,” an analyst said. “Armenia expects Russia to stand against Azerbaijan. This is a naive approach. Moreover, this is a criminal approach, as it draws Russia into the region. Russia will not interfere, will not fight for Armenia.”

Moreover, Shevchenko commented on the statements of the Armenian side regarding the alleged inevitability of a confrontation between Russia and Turkey.

“The Armenian side constantly says that a clash between Russia and Turkey is inevitable,” the analyst said. “I don't think this is inevitable. We see quite normal cooperation. We see that President Putin and President Erdogan hold phone talks and meet.”

Shevchenko added that Russia is building a huge nuclear power plant in Turkey.

“The negotiations on the sale of the most advanced Russian weapons systems to Turkey are being held,” an analyst said.

Shevchenko said that therefore, these are very dangerous illusions that can lead to terrorist and sabotage actions, like the recent incident in Azerbaijan’s Dashalti village.

“Armenia is under the illusion, there is nothing more dangerous in politics than illusions,” the analyst added.


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