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Members of Azerbaijan’s Musavat opposition party being interrogated in Europe

16 December 2019 10:38 (UTC+04:00)
Members of Azerbaijan’s Musavat opposition party being interrogated in Europe

By Trend

All members of the European Coordination Center (ECC) of Azerbaijan’s Musavat opposition party began to be called for interrogation in Germany, and this was expected, said Yafez Akramoglu, a journalist living in Europe, Trend reports.

The process of considering cases of members of the migration departments, as well as members of the Musavat party and the Musavat ECC, has also accelerated, Akramoglu noted.

Sometimes a defendant was threatened (and threats are unacceptable) to give information from whom and for how much that person obtained papers, the journalist added.

Akramoglu said that the Musavat ECC is the place where dangerous criminals gathered, so all its members are considered suspects.

Akramoglu also added that members of the Musavat party and the ECC can get out of the situation when they are threatened with deportation.

“If someone admits to the investigation that he or she was a victim of fraud and migrant trafficking, that person will automatically be marked as an injured person in the criminal case,” the journalist said. “That person won’t be deported until the criminal case is completed (the process will take at least 2-3 years). In this case, he or she must testify in court as an injured person.”

Akramoglu called on the ECC and Musavat to confess from whom and at what price they obtained the papers.

“If you do this, you will automatically be registered as injured persons,” the journalist said. “It is possible that you yourself arrived in Europe and fell into the trap of migrant traffickers from the ECC or other persons. There is no difference. You are still considered victims.”

“Do not be afraid! Remember that you aren’t responsible for the fact that through deception you became victims of traffickers, even if you received papers and documents, intentionally giving a bribe,” Akramoglu said. “That’s because you were deceived into doing so.”

In November 2019, a scandal broke out, when German law enforcement authorities detained former members of Musavat. Local federal courts chose a preventive measure in the form of arrest for a period of six months in relation to the detained.

As a result of an investigation conducted by the German police, those arrested involved in “emigration business” in Germany, are suspected of smuggling of at least 20 people to Germany.

In accordance with the decision of the German judicial authorities, former head of correctional institution of Azerbaijan’s penitentiary system Elchin Akbarov; Chairman of the Musavat party’s European Coordinating Council, former head of the Kalbajar executive power Ilham Hasan; party member, Deputy Chairman of the Coordinating Council Mehdi Khalilbayli; Musavat party activist Abdin Javadov; and former MP Sabir Rustamkhanli’s brother, Head of Leqat Integration Center, former police chief Alovsat Aliyev, have been arrested.

Among those arrested were also Mehdi Khalilbayli’s driver Rashad Mammadov and Musavat party member Elshan Abdullayev.


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