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Former Georgian President urges Armenian PM to take resolute step towards peace treaty

18 October 2023 12:28 (UTC+04:00)
Former Georgian President urges Armenian PM to take resolute step towards peace treaty
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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Former Georgian President Saakashvili warned Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan: "You have very little time. You must immediately sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan", Azernews reports.

"This is the first time I am addressing you and doing so publicly, as I am very concerned about the fate of our region and Armenia. Based on my experience of communication with Russia and with Putin, who recently at the CIS summit practically accused me of the collapse of this organization, I will allow you to give me some advice. You came to power as a result of popular protests, i.e. in Putin's terminology - a color revolution, and believe me, no matter how much you swear your loyalty, he would never forgive you and will never forgive you.

Especially after your recent statements, political moves, and especially the ratification of the Rome Statute - he is your blood enemy and will overthrow you with all the means at his disposal - internal unrest, encouragement of military action. He will strangle you economically and use the whole arsenal of hybrid warfare.

You should remember that you have very little time. After coming to power, you have failed or failed to carry out fundamental reforms, your current state apparatus is really a fifth column of the Kremlin. You are late with European integration.

However difficult it may be for you, the recent developments around Armenia give our region a new chance. In some time we can live like the three Baltic countries - with open borders, create a whole system of logistic, financial, and energy hubs, using the advantages of each of our three countries. But in order to do this, you must hurry up and cast aside any hesitation, go all in. Demand the immediate withdrawal of the Russian military base, withdraw from the CIS, CSTO, customs union, and apply to the European Union and NATO.

In 2013, we flew to Yerevan together with the chairman of the European Commission Barroso, trying in vain to convince your predecessor not to join some of these organizations under the aegis of Moscow.

Finally, you should openly declare and immediately sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan and thus open the way for fundamental changes in Armenia's domestic and foreign policy.

You do not lack personal courage and political courage and I hope you will not allow Putin to destroy you and at the same time destroy your country and finally undermine our region.

The danger looming over us all is very real and requires immediate action. I hope this time you will not hesitate," Saakashvili wrote on his Facebook page.


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