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Azerbaijan reveals volume of cargo transported on Europe-Caucasus-Asia corridor

21 May 2020 12:04 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan reveals volume of cargo transported on Europe-Caucasus-Asia corridor

By Akbar Mammadov

The volume of cargo transported on the Azerbaijani part of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia transport corridor was 12,5 million tons, and the cargo turnover was 2,63 billion ton-km in January-March decreasing by 0.3 per cent and 1.0 per cent, respectively, the State Statistics Committee reported on May 18.

Thus, 8,1 million tons or 64.3 per cent of cargo was transported by road, 3,2 million tons or 25.7 per cent by rail, 1,3 million tons or 10.0 per cent by sea.

In addition, 17.6 per cent or 2202.2 thousand tons of cargo transported through the corridor was transit cargo.

TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia) is an international transport programme involving the European Union and 12 member States of the Eastern European, Caucasian and Central Asian region. The programme aim is to strengthen economic relations, trade and transport in the regions of the Black Sea basin, South Caucasus and Central Asia.

It should be noted that the total value of Azerbaijan's road freight transportation increased by 15.4 per cent year-on-year in the period of January-March, amounting to approximately $1.8 billion according to the State Customs Committee. During the given period, the net weight of freight transported by road amounted 879,543 tons, which is nearly 6,5 per cent more than that of the same period of last year.

While the net weight of exported freight by road transportation was 288,056 tons, with a decrease of 7.4 per cent, the value of the freight in money amounted to $304.4 million, growing by 15.3 per cent.

The transit container traffic of ADY Container LLC through Central Asia to Azerbaijan and in the opposite direction increased by 10 per cent from February through April 2020 compared to the same period of 2019. Thus, if in February through April 2020, 3,987 containers were transported, for the corresponding period of 2020 this figure amounted to 4,393 units.

Earlier, it was said that according to estimates, within the International North-South Transport Corridor, 3.5 million tons of cargo will be handled by 2025, 8 million tons by 2029, and more than 20 million tons by 2050.


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