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Four more villages, a road leading to Zangazur - in views of Armenian society

16 June 2024 18:04 (UTC+04:00)
Four more villages, a road leading to Zangazur - in views of Armenian society
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Although the Armenian society is an obstinate nation with a difficult-to-understand feature due to its ethnogenesis, the fact that it is a neighbour to a strong nation like Azerbaijan has always saved it from this syndrome. A nation that worshiped only one ideology and fetishized it for more than two centuries has not yet been able to choose the right abode for itself in the vastness of this world.

We are talking about the processes taking place in the South Caucasus against the background of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations. At the beginning of the last century, the Armenians, who took over the western region of Azerbaijan and settled there, started moving towards eastern Azerbaijan from time to time. Garabagh, which has impressed every single nation in the world, certainly did not escape the interest of the Armenian community. This interest grew very gradually during the Soviet empire and turned into a more intense desire. Since the 1990s, the society that calls itself part of the independent state of Armenia has already decided to take over Garabagh and occupied twenty percent of Azerbaijan's lands as a result of its traditional military aggression.

Armenian history consists of facts based on various versions and mostly exaggerated legends. Some Armenian historians claim that the South Caucasus was their ancestral land thousands of years ago. An infinite number of arguments and evidence have been shown about this fact proving that this is just fiction. However, Armenia, which did not change its mind and built a so-called world map based on the Miatsum concept it created, deceived itself with these ideas for many years. Yes, indeed, those who once convinced the people by writing false history have become merciless killers of today's generation.

The question arises, why and on what grounds is Armenia making a territorial claim, and for this vain purpose are they dragging the young generations to death?

After its historic victory, Azerbaijan is finally about to achieve the liberation of 8 other villages under occupation. Although 4 of those villages were returned in May, the remaining 4 villages have not been returned yet.

There is a popular saying among the Caucasian peoples, "If you deal with Armenians, the agreement must be based on a signed document." Azerbaijan is returning to its eternal and ancient land, and this is being executed within the free will of the current Armenian government. Despite this, internal discontents and opposing forces that encourage it are trying to break the immutable rules. For example, the weeks-long protests in the streets of Yerevan and the promotion of the clergy as the leading party in these protests are an example of a real Armenian manoeuvre. Those who condemn the Prime Minister's decisions and accuse him of treason are using it to provoke the people and achieve their goals. The opposition knows that the changing geostrategic reality in the South Caucasus will remain unchanged even if all the allies are in power.

Geghamyan, who introduced himself as an Armenian Turkologist in his post on one of the social networks, says that the opening of the Zangazur corridor is inevitable with the return of the next 4 villages. Yes, Baku is about to complete construction works that Armenia could not even dream of in 30 years, and even the road to Zangazur is ready. What is Armenia waiting for? According to which international law, Nakhchivan, which is the territory of Azerbaijan, will remain under blockade, and for how long?

Those who understand Baku's constructive step of opening the Zangazur corridor as the end of Yerevan are unable to think deeply about the issue. However, if a person with normal thinking in Armenia deeply understood this, he would have to thank Azerbaijan for hundreds of years after that.

Regardless of what happens or what actions Armenia takes, Baku is determined in its position. Here, what the Armenian society thinks is no longer important. What is important is how Armenia as a state and nation will contribute to the permanent peace and stability established by Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus.


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