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France exposed as country that finances terrorism

13 April 2024 12:55 (UTC+04:00)
France exposed as country that finances terrorism
Fatime Letifova
Fatime Letifova
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As mysterious questions are revealed about the terror attack at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, which resulted in numerous casualties, the hidden aspects of the incident are clarified. According to the Deputy Head of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, France and Macron are behind the terrorist attack in Moscow.

As Dimitri Medvedev emphasized, the relevant structures of Russia have more accurate information about the terrorist incident and investigations are ongoing. It was no coincidence that the French special services committed this terror in the Crocus concert hall owned by businessmen of Azerbaijani origin. This was to harm the relations between Azerbaijan and Russia and to create discord on religious and ethnic grounds in Russia.

France revives ASALA after long silence

France's connection with terrorist organizations is a proven fact

There is nothing surprising here. It is a proven fact that French President Emmanuel Macron, who continues the policy of neo-colonialism based on human death in the 21st century, has ties with international terrorism. The facts related to the cement plant belonging to the French company Lafarge and operating in Syria and its connections with ISIS and its financing have been confirmed. Recently, Turkish intelligence destroyed this cement factory, which provides services to terrorism. The main indicator of France's support for Armenian terrorism and being one of the main foci of ASALA is that France prepared a legion of Garabagh Armenians and sent them to the Ukrainian front.

The physical destruction of politicians who do not obey the will of France is also confirmation of Macron's support for terrorism. It is also clear from the comments of Russian experts about terrorism in Moscow that the main goal is to create tension between Azerbaijan and Russia. Although the perpetrators of the terrorist attack, in which hundreds of people lost their lives and were injured, have been detained, although who ordered it is still a matter of debate. Investigations by Russian special services revealed some traces of the attack on Crocus. The traces extend to France, the supporter of Armenia and the arming of the occupier, Macron, who supports terrorism at the state level...

On the other hand, the fact that the center where the incident took place belongs to Azerbaijanis also increases the possibility that France is involved in this case. Macron, who continues his hostile position against Azerbaijan in various directions, wants to officially express his hostile position to Moscow and Azerbaijan. Macron, who expressed his helplessness in the face of the political and economic power of Azerbaijan, which failed the policy of the Elysee Palace in the South Caucasus, clearly understood that the dirty deeds of Macron will not bring any results, the goal of Macron is to increase the tension in the South Caucasus and prepare Armenia for a new war. Macron, who is one of the main organizers of the Brussels meeting organized between the USA-EU-Armenia, who targets Azerbaijan and plays even the ugliest games to increase tension in the region, aimed at disrupting Azerbaijan-Russia relations, will not be successful. The discovery of the network of agencies formed by the official Paris, one of the main supporters of ISIS, in different countries by the security organization of Azerbaijan, and the discovery of the inner face of Macron's government creates the effect of a Monsieur Jordan explosion in the official Paris.

Moscow Concert Hall Attack Brings ISIS Return Into Global Focus - Bloomberg

Considering all these facts and the fact that ISIS claimed responsibility for the Crocus attack, it is clear how realistic Medvedev's views are. Macron's true face becomes clear by recalling the terrorist acts and genocides carried out by France at the state level in Africa. The true face of Macron, who wants to repeat the African policy with the South Caucasus, will become clear in a wider sense after the investigations.


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